Author's Note: Just wanted to give credit to purpleroyal52, who actually started this story, but couldn't carry it out due to a busy [writing] schedule. I encourage you to look at her fanfiction page, for that is where she spends most of her time. Anyway, I do have permission so don't think I'm a story stealing…stealer…? Without further ado, on with the story!

I waited in the LAX airport for my flight to be called. The whole time running through my head was the sucky last week of school I had. Alex, my best girl friend, had broken the news to me that she and her family were moving to Canada. I was sad, but it would have been different if Nick, my best guy friend, was still around. But lately, he's been trying to avoid me. Every single time I try to talk to him, he's rushing off to talk to someone else.

"Flight 21C to Texas is now boarding." The overhead blared. I stood up and grabbed my bag of luggage. I nervously twisted my minor badge and lanyard. It was my first time flying by myself.

The flight attendants happily helped me find my seat and that sort of stuff. To start off the trip, I ordered a Coke, a drink forbidden my parents. With one sip, it instantly calmed my nerves. Alright, Plane, I thought, to Grandma's ranch we go.

Four to five hours later, the plane had arrived at the Amarillo, Texas airport. I got off the plane and threw away my six Coke cans (I wanted another but the flight attendant was worried about me).

I looked around the foreign airport for Grandma. Expecting to see the spunky old lady I knew and loved, I was surprised when I saw tan country boy holding up a sign with my name on it. He had caramel color hair and eyes the color of the sea. His red flannel shirt with his sleeves rolled up, Wrangler jeans, and cowboy hat and boots screamed cowboy. When he saw me, he gave a tip of his hat.

"I reckon you're Julia Richards?" He said. I nodded shyly. "Well I'm Eli. Your Grandma's temp farm hand. Nice to meet you."

"I'm Julia—wait you already know that. Well, if you want, call my Jules. " I rambled nervously. That adorable smile and dimple he was flashing me was driving me nuts!

"Need help?" He asked, already reaching out for my luggage. I handed it over to him. We walked out of the airport and to a black Ford F-150. Eli tossed the bag into the bed of the truck; I cringed. My flat iron was in there.

I took shotgun and we rode in silence for over an hour to Grandma's ranch. The whole time I was thinking of something witty or flirty to say, but I found nothing.

"We're here." Eli finally broke the silence as he drove the truck up the gravel road. He parked in front of the house. I opened the door of the truck, immediately being greeted by the sounds of chickens and cows.

"Jules!" Gran called stepping outside of her baby blue Victorian/cottage home.

"Gran!" I said back and rushed to give her a hug.

"How was the flight?" She asked when I embraced her. She smelled like cinnamon.

"Good. Bumpy." I said, letting go.

She nodded. "Elliott, you go and help my grand-baby put up her stuff, ya hear?" Gran told Eli. With a slow dip of his head, he headed back to the F-150.

I scampered after him. "So your full name is Elliot?" I asked as I grabbed my laptop bag.

"Yep; Elliot Remington Carver IV, but I just prefer Eli Carver." He said.

"That name doesn't seem so country to me." I said as we walked up the porch steps.

"'Cuz it's not. I'm from Seattle." He said simply. Ohhh, I thought in my head. We walked up the wooden stairs and took a left on a long corridor. "This is your room." He pushed open the door.

I sniffed. It smelled off must and mothballs. I coughed and hacked a bit. "I'll bring up the Febreze." Eli said, and left. I plopped my luggage down on the bed and started to unpack. There were hangers already in the closet and empty room in the dresser. Eli came back a few minutes later with the Febreze and a message from Gran.

"Betsy wants you to wash up before dinner." He said using Gran's first name. It felt awkward to hear him say it.

"Wash up? Like wash my hands?" I asked.

"Yeah, or shower." He explained.

"But I'm clean!" I sniffed my armpits. Eli laughed.

"Then I guess dinner is ready."

After dinner, Gran had me washing dishes. "Tomorrow I'm going to take you to collect eggs with me. Don't worry about getting dressed in the clothes you brought, I've got some work ones for you.

"All work, no play." I sighed, scrubbing food off a plate.

"Not like you would have anyone to talk to. Eli's workin' too." She said.

I went back to my room after dishes. I spent a few minutes reading, before Gran came in to shut off the light.

"Why? It's only 10:15." I argued as she reached for the small lamp on the bedside table.

"If you want to be well rested when I wake you the next mornin', I insist you shut your pretty lil' eyes right—" She shut off the light.