Need angels fear God,
or have formed they in His percolation
—consequential, pure and meta-creatures
as voices of subconscious in dreams we have,
...where destroy them, one could
if ever with the thought,
but 'least in His place only love be?

And from a dream,
such things like seraphim
—accentuating figments of sentience—
aid in their accompaniment;
...where the you I made I told
of her—both present then past,
of how she was so—more than troubled,
a pillow and case of her former self
—her image printed thereon.

How so far from herself she was
that noticed I first her friends,
then shattered I them for letting this happen,
as one can do...such things in dreams.

But what of a dream and the order of time?
So sharply it is from one to next,
from next to last
that sense of it be for our worlds
we, too, do dream to speak of,
a'times cringing at what all it means.

And after all of her was lost,
you saw what all I meant;
...I showed you
of how she was
and why, then, we fell in love:
A scene of her day 'fore we met,
my saying, "See! That's her. That's her." coming lose.