A mother stares into them
her soul so full of bliss
their bond deepens even more
each time that they kiss

Such innocence inside them
so pure beyond compare
so beautiful and carefree
caught up in his stare

They twinkle like the stars shine
mischievous little boy
smiling like a Cheshire cat
fills my life with joy

Such a little know it all
think you're king of school
a child in a big man's world
at the height of cool

They're bloodshot and they're tired
can you recall last night?
Life and soul of the party
not pure but still bright

They're calm not raging oceans
concealing all your fears
so unlike they were before
wise beyond your years

Filled with love and devotion
for such a tiny child
and so at peace with yourself
awestruck and beguiled

So delighted and so proud
it seems like yesterday
now they'll be complaining it's
all work and no play

I see the sadness creep in
you're sad to see them go
head up high just keep waving
just don't let it show

Seeing someone you love die
fills them with such sorrow
what's the point in trying to
wake up tomorrow

But you do, you soldier on
bring comfort to them all
you bear the unbearable
and still stand up tall

They'll show all of your secrets
even all of the lies
you can't hide them from your mum
they're clear to her
can't hide from her
they are of course
your eyes