I can't face these streets anymore

Because I'll try to walk in step with my reflection,

And the details in the windows are not

What I want.

Your eyes follow me even when it's selfish

And I can hear your laughter when I want to.

But for it to be real I need to do something

To save you from pain.

So hot, the night, that I stay up late

Thinking about you and trying to dream,

When the universe comes to borrow

The things I hold dear under my breath.

You're it; what I need,

But you want to go the other way.

There's light when you're with me,

So forever I sit here alone in the dark and in mockery

With a whisper, a memory of something good.

Or never mind, because when I speak to you

Your laughter isn't real.

And it's all I want to hear.