Like they've taken flight, just many years ago;
they pass me by like the violent wind and
I remembered the times all at once, those I locked away.
Have's what I already earned, had's what I thrown far off;
and want's nothing to be looking at anymore but
the empty space lingering, calling for a replacement
is still in solitude because there's nothing there to fill the gap,
I can't even look at it anymore,
it's killing me, a knife's continuing to cut
the dead ends of my soul.
I couldn't cry out, my eyes an empty shell and
my senses take me back a place I've long forgotten but I
knew I wouldn't forget even if I killed me in my head the thousandth time.
Even if I was all smiles and cried at tripping at flat ground,
I was happy and there weren't times I felt so lonely:
now having everything I wanted's just not enough anymore,
there's nothing to fill in the gap I left open for a long time,
and it's all rotten and angry and so, so empty.