I liked the hair in her wind. Blowing gently against her short, jet-black hair I've always been urged by my own little heart to caress. She'd conveniently and unconsciously take her hand and try to fix it even though she needn't do that since she'd look perfect anyhow. And her voice, crystal clear and sharp in a orderly tone, yet it's like water. It was at a standstill, then a little droplet of water caught its attention and dripped down: that's how her voice sounded like. It was the eerie night's echo, and the tiny voice in my head. Anyone who stared into her eyes would tell her she's lovely, and lovely wouldn't describe her well enough. I'm muted, blinded, and words fell deaf when I came close to her because her heart and soul is perfect. She's perfection herself, but she just doesn't know.

But there's one thing that drops weigh in the center of my chest, and that's the smile of an angel she has. It's beautiful, but a hint of melancholy still surfaced. I liked to be under her ray of light, but it's the same thing that keeps the memories gushing out like a terrain's earthquake or a maelstrom; a sudden collapse. A disease, they say, it's obsession. She's the drug I'm hooked on to, no matter how many eyes started deadly at me or whispering mouths gossiping endlessly. Maybe she'd one day realize how perfect she is.

Someday, when she starts to wonder how much I loved her, I'd be gone. By then, I'd already be gone. But there's no point in kissing a cold corpse's lips; just read my lips and they'd tell you to look at the stars on a starry night. Don't ask me how many stars there are because, I really did love. You, an angel, with those eyes with lights of distant million stars, are worth more than the stars I could possibly count for a hundred years. One day, when I'm leaving, don't look at me with those distant eyes that speaks of wonders. Don't make me try to guess what those pretty moving lips are trying to say, because I wouldn't be able to see then, this obsession with you is ending me slowly.

It's not a happy ending, it's a beautifully depressing fairy tale sunk into the bottom of the abyss-like ocean.