I'll Wait

It would be my biggest lie

The tallest tale I've ever told

To say you weren't on my mind

To say it wasn't you I wanted to hold

You have this magic grip on me

Even as I lay in bed

And I know how crazy I must be

To have you running through my head

You brought back something I had lost

An inspiration to write

But it came with a high cost

The loss of my sleep at night

I know not why I like you

Nor why you caught my eye

And there is nothing I can do

So to you I must lie

Inside I feel like dying

To the code by which I live

And yet I feel like crying

Hearing the suggestions that you give

You destroyed what I believed in

Everything I was told

Showed me what I could have been

Had I been more bold

I guess what I want to tell you

What's coming from my heart

Fix your problems if you can

And I'll never be too far