Heloo people of FictionPress. I am new on here, but I have a fanficiton account. Im not very observant and just realized that there was a sister site. Sad, I know. Anyway, this is a story I wrote for my OC : Kalen and our comic.

Kalen, Soul and Tornado are originally lions. Kalen and Soul are angel demon hybrids and Tornado is an angel. We have had them for about 1 and ½ year or so. We also created them to rp with on a game called FeralHeart. In this story they are in human form.

Kalen belongs to me.
Soul and Tornado belong to my two besties

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"Soul? Tornado?" A blonde, almost white haired teen, around his 20's, stood there in the middle of nowhere. His only light source was the soft flickering light of the run down gas station. The teen was waiting for the arrival of his brother and best friend to come back for him.

But it seems as if they had left him. They had probably left him to go have a time of "Epic Love." He blamed his bladder. Why did he need it? He would never ever have to go pee if he didn't have a bladder. He would have to ask his brother about that.

But as of right now, he was alone. Alone in the dark at a creepy little gas station in the middle of nowhere with a creepy little old man as the cashier guy.


He could hear the faint sound of the hillbilly music from inside the gas station as he felt the eyes of the little old man watching his every move from his place behind the counter. The teen looked down the darkened, barren highway left and right, waiting impatiently. He wasn't scared of the darkness; he was uncomfortable of the things that might be in the darkness.

As he stood there thinking of all the things that could possibly eat him or kidnap him, then eat him, the gas station front door jingled.

He quickly turned his head, hoping that it was Soul. But no. The presence was someone worse than Soul. Although the teen didn't know that was possible. There. Standing and staring at him, less than 10 ft. away , stood the little old wrinkly man. Just standing there, staring at him.

What if the man was a sock monster in disguise. Socks are known to watch their prey before the attack.

The quiet freaked out teen took a few steps sideways away, anxiously waiting for his twin. He didn't look at the old man again instead he let his blue eyes gaze down the road into the distant horizon once more.

Wait. What was that? There was a little white dot of light across the distant landscape that appeared to be coming his way.

Maybe it was Tornado and Soul! Or an..Alien… 'Oh, pleeeasse be Tornado and Soul!' he thought to himself as he focused on the tiny dot of light.

Then there was a light shuffle beside him. The teen knew who it was but didn't dare to look. He kept staring at the little dot as it became slightly bigger by each second.

He felt a tug on on the lower part of the sleeve of his blue hoodie. He froze. He knew he didn't want to look, but in a way he had to. It was like telling a little kid that he couldn't eat a bug. The kid would then have to eat the bug or the world would end. Maybe he could ask the old man if he could go stare at someone else, and since there wasn't really anyone else, he could go stare at a pole or something.

His blue eyes left the oncoming white light and quickly turned his gaze to the little old man, but instead of the creepy little old man face, he was face to face with a purple sock monster.


Soul looked back at Kalen, keeping his hands on the steering wheel, but looked away from the road. The car swerving. "Kalen, wake up you idiot!" Soul yelled but it sounded more like a growl.

Kalen who was still half asleep and unfazed by his brother's distant words, flailed around in the back seat. "Leave me alone, wrinkly sock!"

Tornado shook her head, keeping her eyes on the road. She glanced slightly out the passengers window.

"What!" Soul growled through his teeth and slammed on the breaks for a few minutes then continued driving. "Wake up!"

Tornado put her hands on the dashboard, catching herself. She cursed slightly until they continued on.

All that was heard in the backseat was a thud followed by a small yelp in pain as Kalen flew into the back of Soul and Tornado's seat and rolled into the floor.

Tornado smirked slightly, glancing at Soul- Lovely driving

When Kalen finally realized that the wrinkly old man sock guy wasn't going to eat him, he tried lifting himself out from the floor on the red camero. Yea. Soul got all the cool things. He then realized something else. He gave up with a huff and slumped down. "Soul your car is tiny and I think I'm stuck." Why did have to be so fat but unfit at the same time as being fat? Why!

An annoyed look crossed Soul's face as he kept his red- brown eyes on the road. They were never going to get home. "I don't care Kalen. Don't call me an old man."

Tornado listened in silently on their conversation, her green eyes still watching the windows.

"No! I only call you old behind you back even though were only a couple minutes apart…but your still old. But I had a sock monster dream and it was soooo insane! Soul, I almost got eaten…again!" He looked around the small space, remembering something and froze.

"Yay, for you." Soul's voice was blank and dripping with sarcasm. He looked back at his brother again, twisted his arm around and popped Kalen in the back of the head. "Get up, idiot."

Tornado who was staring off into space but listening, glanced back at Kalen but then let her gaze fall back to the window.

Kalen was quiet as he looked around frantically, getting distracted with his new problem. 'Oh no. No, No, No, No, Nooooo!' He looked up at the car ceiling. "Soul, Tornado, my pod! I can't find my pod!" He did some ninja move he didn't know he could that hurt like a cow and pushed himself from out of thefloor board in a flash and up onto the seats, looking frantically for his most prized possession. His slick blue (Which can also be black) classic ipod.

"Dang it, Kalen! Knock it off! Use mine and stay still!" Soul snapped back.

Tornado looked around her seat, feeling around for the ipod. She looked back at Kalen and shrugged. "I don't have it."

"Wait!" Kalen froze again hoping to make a moment, then reached down into the epic door cup holder. The best thing about Soul's car. Then, pulled out his pod. He was so happy it was with him again and he didn't have to listen to Soul's music! It's a win win situation. He liked his classic rock sings better. "I found it! The best thing about your car is the freaken awesome cup holders in the doors!" He grinned and sat back into the seat and turned on his iPod, looking for Journey, because he felt like this was a good moment for them.

~10 Minutes Later~

Kalen was sitting there quietly, listening to "Riot" when a feeling came over him. He ignored it. Not wanting to get yelled at again.

~30 Minutes Later~

'I don't wanna live like this today! Make me feel better! I wanna feel better! Stay with me here now and never surrender!...Oh snot I'm gonna have to surrender!...' He looked up in front of him. "Soul, I have to pee."

Soul gripped the steering wheel, he was about to reach back there again and rip Kalen's stupid iPod and throw it out the window just for him to be quiet. But instead of that irrational thought, he took a deep breath, but that barely calmed him. "No you don't Kalen."

Tornado looked at Soul, smirking then minding her own business and looked down, playing with her seat belt.

"Tell that to my bladder!...Pleaaaasse Soul…I really need to go, really really bad…to the extreme!" Kalen whined like a 5 year old.

Tornado looked back up at Soul. "Hmm. Maybe we should pull over for him."

Soul remembered last time that Kalen really had to go and they didn't pull over….Oh god. He saw something in the distant on the side of the road. "Ok, if I pull over, will you be quiet for the rest of the way home?"

"Yes! Of course!" Kalen was face planted onto the seat.

"Ok, there's a gas station, I can pull in there." Soul slowed down and turned into the small parking lot of the almost seemingly abandoned gas station.

Kalen's blue eyes went wide as he shot up and looked in horror at the gas station. A gas station! His breath hitched as his body went rigid. "No! I can hold it! Drive Soul drive!"

Tornado sat there listening in confusion. Its not just sock monsters anymore…but gas stations?

"Kalen." Soul sighed then looked at Tornado in slight confusion but with amused dancing eyes now knowing that his brother was scared of gas stations now for some odd reason.

"Shut up and drive soul!" Kalen yelled form the back seat.

Soul was so confused but amused at the same time. "Ok, but I'm not stopping anywhere else. You still have to promise to be quiet though."

"Yes, yes! I promise! Now go! Onward! Go! Go! Go!" Kalen ducked down into the seat, curling in a little ball.

Tornado got comfortable in her seat, taking out an iPod identical to Kalen's but green. She put one headphone in her ear and looked foreword.

"Shut up, stupid." Soul started the car once more and took off, leaving the random gas station behind them with a smirk.

I know this is a little too long to be a one shot but I guess I was too lazy to cut it in half. I love reviews like everyone loves cake, so please review!