Written 3/18/10.

A Day Like No Other

Show mercy
Show mercy for all those who are here
There is nothing wrong and there is nothing right
Why do we linger, why do we wait for the end to come
The end is near

We are condemned to death, it shall always follow us
Why do we wait for this apocalypse that shall never happen?
Bring death, bring it to us now, please bring it now and show us mercy
We are pathetic, we are worthless, look at what we've done
All gone and all decayed

The Earth is spinning, spinning so fast
Time is flying by and continue this we shall perish
But our cries for execution of destruction are in vain, war shall come
The day shall be like no other at all, so much chaos
Show us mercy, we have done nothing wrong and nothing right
Spinning, bringing the end

The atheists dance and cry, telling us that they were right all along
Where they right? Are they wrong? Misguided we all are
The flames are everywhere, death reeks and hangs in the air
The end is near, show us mercy please

We are falling, we were falling into the hands of death
With each breath we take
Each step we make
With each blink we shall come closer

All gone, all dead
All wrong, all right, all that are left
Are no more
Mercy did not come
Cries were not heard
The end has come
We are not ready
We'll never be ready