So much more than you think

Chapter One: The Calling

My name is Caitlin Martins

I am the most average girl you'll ever meet,

I have dark brown hair and brown eyes

I attend the local College and I'm doing very well.

I watch from my throne in the skies as she

Faces each day with a smile on her face and her head held high

But I know it's all a façade, inside she's trembling as she knows she has to face "them"

Oh, how I long for her to open up to me…just once.

I stand outside my English class waiting patiently for the teacher to arrive

I suddenly feel my heart thump within my chest as "they" approach

The gang leader steps forth and starts the wave of nasty insults

It continues right until the teacher comes and I am left feeling terrible again.

I see it all! I see how she suffers and yet there's no way to comfort her

I know exactly how she feels, isolated, humiliated, sad, and angry

I call her name time and time again, I sit with her, I put my arm around her

But it's no good, she can't feel it…She doesn't know I exist…she doesn't even care!

I walk home that night,

Alone, longing for somebody to talk to

I look up and wonder if I someone like me would ever find a friend

I get home and like always…cry myself to sleep.

I don't want to watch her like this anymore

I want her to experience me; I want her to know me, to know who she really is

Without much else of a choice, I pay her a little visit

With the hope that when she wakes up, she'll at least consider me