Stripes was out to paint the world plaid. She wore plaid shoes, socks, leggings, skirt, shirt, hat, scarf, gloves, and even plaid undergarments. Stripes was the queen of plaid.

"Your clothes look like...yuk."

"Wow, Checkers. You must be super stupid if thats that best insult you can come up with."

"At least I don't..."

"At least you don't have awesome taste like I do."

The two twelve year old girls glared at each other; they had been mortal enemies since as long as the could remember. Stripes and Checkers, they looked exactly the same. They both had green eyes and purple hair. Not only did they look the same, they shared the same birthday.

At one time -somewhere beyond the rainbow-Stripes and Checkers had been best friends. Then one day Checkers decided to be mean and insult Stripes. Now as you can tell from the above conversation Checkers sucks ass at coming up with insults. So when this happend, Stripes just responded with a better insult. Ever since then, Stripes and Checkers were mortal enemies.

The two were constantly pulling pranks on each other and just being mean. They would ram each other into the boys bathroom, knock each others books down, kick each other, make fun of each other, etc. The whole point is they really hated each other, like diets and fat people.

It was time for their next class and Stripes and Checkers walked there together; glaring at one another. "You're ugly." or "You smell like dog butt." could be heard as they headed to class. When they got into the classroom they were so busy glaring at each other that they didn't even notice that there had been woopie cushions placed in both of their chairs.

Fart noise. (I didn't know what sound to write for it). The two girls ran at each other, "I can't believe you did this to me!" Meanwhile they didn't notice Melvin Spats sitting in the back of the room laughing his guts out.

"Wait! Stop!" Checkers yelled, "didn't we walk up here together?"

"You're right, for once. But who was it if it wasn't- MELVIN SPATS."

Stripes and Checkers ran over to the awkward looking boy and started to yell at him. "Why the hell would you do that?" Then they punched him in the face, thus giving him a bloody nose.

It looked like they were about ready to slit his neck, when the bell rang and the teacher and other students poored into the room. The teacher saw Melvin's bloodied nose and quickly asked how it had happend.

"It was Stripes and Checkers, they punched me in the face!" Melvin tattled.

The teachers face turned red with anger, "YOU TWO ARE IN SO MUCH TROUBLE! GO TO THE PRINCIPAL'S RIGHT NOW!"

Stripes and Checkers ran out of the room and then started to walk as soon as Mrs. Hodgepodge could not see them. "Can you believe that Melvin Shats or whatever his name is?" Checkers yelled down the empty hallway.

"I know, he's such a little gaywad. I wish he would go die." Stripes echoed behind her.

The two started laughing and then looked at each other and stopped. They walked to the principal's office and then got their butts chewed for beating up on Melvin Spats.