Author – Yes I know I should be working on my other stories…but my brain won't let me. XC

Bangla: Who's the cutest kitty's in the world? *playing with Coco and Rococo*

Issac: *ignoring Bangla*

Marco: Hey Bangla who is this? *holds up a very 'interesting' picture*

Issac: *looks at picture and jaw drops in shock.*

Bangla: *also looks at the picture and turns the brightest shade of red possible.*

Issac: I always thought you were weird on the account of your cat obsession but I did not know you were gay.

Bangla: Where did you get that? *still red as red can be.*

Marco: I round it in a closet.

Issac: What were you doing in a closet?

Marco: N-nothing. *Adverts eyes*

Issac: Tell me! *gets up*

Marco: Never! *Runs*

Issac: *Runs after Marco*

Bangla: *picks up photo.* Oh Doug. *crushes photo while shaking hand in air* YOU DID THIS YOU UNGRATEFUL TART! I WILL GET YOU FOR THIS!

Doug: *in hiding* :3

To Chibi – Remember that one part of the story you made? :3 Well it looks like Doug and his *cough* brother *cough* took a picture of it. :3