A raspy breath fills the air,
Breaking the silence of the night.
Counting down the hours, a
Desperate man makes one last plea.
Everything's on the line tonight.

Fly away, fly away Home, he says.
God's got a place for you now.
Heaven's waiting,
Its arms wide open,
Just take a leap of faith now.

Kiss of death, make your peace.
Let this pass with ease.
Mercy, call from up above.
Nothing more can be done,
Only time will tell now.

Peaceful bliss passes through
Quiet as a mouse.
Right then and there,
She takes that leap,
That giant leap of faith.

Up she goes, above the stars, above the evening sky.
Veering through the night she flies,
Will is all she has.
X-ray his heart, it's broken now,
Yet he'd have it no other way.
Zealous soul, fly away. Fly away, fly away Home.