Chapter 7/ Call Me Maybe?

You'd think that after I told Brice and he told me he liked me too, that it'd get easier. But it somehow got harder.
I walk into band Monday, giddy, expecting Brice to...I don't know. Ask me out or just be my boyfriend or whatever. He said he liked me...And I told him I liked him. When two people like each other they get into a relationship? Right?
But I was wrong...If anything he was ignoring me. Why? What have I done?
I allow my smile fade away...And my face goes blank of emotion. I feel...I feel sad, confused, angry and even more confused? Why is he avoiding me? I thought...
I whip around and see Anna standing behind me.
"Goodness, Quinn. Don't you have the balls?" Anna says, lightly punching my arm.
I just nod.
"Quinn..?" Anna has a bit of concern in her voice.
"Yes?" I say.
"What's wrong?"
I shake my head.
"Quinntillian, what the hell is wrong?"
"Brice is ignoring me now.."
"Quinn..Maybe he feels awkward."
"Why? He said he liked me back, and I like him? So it should be better. Not worse?"
"I don't know Quinn..I don't know..."

I debate asking Brice why he won't talk to me..It's literally making me more and more depressed thinking about him, but I can't stop.
I'm asking myself the same two questions over and over and over again: 1). What did I do wrong? and 2). If two people like each other don't they go out?
I see Colee and begin chatting her ear off, filling any empty space with random words. The more I talk, the less chance I have to think about Brice.
"Jesus Quinn. How many double shots have you had this morning?" she finally asks.
"Then what's with the random babble?"
She looks at me expectantly.
"Brice said he liked me. And I clearly like him. So why is he ignoring me and avoiding me today?" I blurt.
"Oh..." is all the Colee says.
Now I am staring at her expectantly, waiting for her response.
"Quinn the only thing you can do is talk to him yourself..."
"But I'm scare-"
"Yeah. And you were scared when you told Brice you liked him. But you still did it didn't you?"
"Yeah but-"
"Talk to him, Quinn."

The ninth period bell rings and school is over. I walk to my locker and get my backpack and my phone and leave.
I walk out the doors to the school to see Brice walking to his car.
I bite my lip.
"Brice!" I shout, without thinking. I walk after him and stop in front of him.
He turns around and looks at me. "Quinn... I-"
"No. I don't want excuses. What I want to know is why you say you like me back...Then avoid me. Like seriously, Brice. What the hell? You went off and got my hopes up, made me believe you actually liked me back. SAID you actually liked me back, then ignore me. And I'm just sitting there like, 'Well damn. What did I do?' When I don't think it's me... I mean. I don't know. If you like a girl and she likes you don't you move forward? I don't know, guess that's my own personal opinion. But here," I get out a piece of paper and a pen and write my number down. "If you actually do like me, and want to bother to try, then here's my number. Call me...erm...maybe. Or text me. Whatever floats your boat." And I walk away. I walk to my car and start the engine. About one second before I start to back out of my parking spot, I recieve a text.
I just don't want to be heartbroken again.
I stare at it and realize it's Brice...And he was talking about his ex..Who basically dumped him for not kissing her.
I reply back.
I don't want to be wrong again.