The newcomer strolled up to me and smiled at me expectantly. I smirked at her slightly.

She was wearing an old pair of white sneakers that looked like they came from the eighties. I don't care what the trends are now. The eighties should very well stay in the past. Stop trying to bring it back people! Give it up!

"Are you Chloe?" The eighties refugee asked me.

I nodded slightly. What could this girl want with me?

"Principal Johnson told me to look for you. He said you'd show me around."

Damn him. What would my friends say if they caught me with this girl?

"Sure." I managed a fake smile and held out my hand. She gripped it tightly. It kind of hurt actually.

"So what's your name?" I asked her leading the way down the hall.


She kind of looked like a Jennifer. I eyed the rest of her outfit. It wasn't too bad once she got past the junkie tennis shoes. Maybe she'd make a nice lackey to our group?