So this is another little installment to Jason and Tommy, just because I kind of, a little bit, really like them.

You don't have to read the first one for this one to make sense, but if you want more depth in this story, go to, "Kind of a little bit in love."

I was currently in an akward situation.

The situation involved me, my best friend/secret boyfriend, and his current girlfriend.

The setting was Jason's bedroom.

You see, my name is Tom, but everyone calls me Tommy. Mostly because I tell them to, because Tom sounds so formal and stiff. Like I should be dressed in a black suit, holding a briefcase, and hailing a taxi, on my way to my job as an executive of Corporal Shoes.

Anyway, three days ago, me and my best friend, who was now my secret boyfriend, had started going out, after a romantic/corny kiss under a tree, in the rain. Unfortunately, Jason had a girlfriend, named Jazz, who he had been going out with for about three months or so. She was one of those cheerleader types, blond and curvy, full of pep, with just the right amount of bitchiness to make her unbelievably popular.

Anyway, anyway, me and Jason had gone over to his house after school to play video games and stuff. "And stuff," of course, meaning make out. We chose to play one of those kill each other games, and set to it. After I'd beat him six times, Jason accoused me of cheating, which made no sense. Its not like this was a game of cards, and I had a second game controler in my sleeve.

I called him a sore loser, then shot his character in the head for good measure. That's when he'd tackled me, and we started wrestling. It was a common occurence between the two of us, even before we started to go out, and it usually ended with him sitting on top of me, laughing manically. I'm not gonna lie though, every since we'd started to go out, we seemed to wrestle a bit more, and if often ended differently now.

"Differently," of course, meaning making out.

Perhaps we like to make out. Whatever. Doesn't bother me.

So, anyway, this wrestling match ended the exact same way as all the others, with Jason's weight bearing down on my stomach. I stared up at him for a few seconds, admiring his Greek Godness, and comparing it to my averageness. I'm completely average in everything, height, weight, body build. My hair was brown and wavy, the same style as Jason, but his was better then mine in some odd way. He had a broad build and good body, the ones that made girls(and some guys, including me, obviously) swoon.

As he saw me admiring him, Jason smirked mischievously, then started to lean down. Just as our lips were going to connect, his bedroom door opened. This was alarming all in its self, since both Jason's parents were at work, and would be, for at least three more hours. (Can you think of the possiblities? I mean, three whole hours!)

Jason pulled away from me automatically, and both of us looked over at the door with wide eyes.

The person in the doorway stared with wide eyes back.

"Oh, uh...hey babe." Jason said, getting off me quickly.

Jazz had yet to move, and her eyes now drifted to me, questioning what she had seen.

"Uh, hun, what's going on?" she asked, trying to sound peppy and light, but we could both hear the slight anger starting to creep up through her tone.

"Oh, me and Tommy were just goofing off." Jason said lightly, trying to blow it off. "I just finished kicking his ass in a wrestling match."

Jazz's beautiful blue eyes went from me, to him, then back to me. I rolled off the floor, and nodded casually. "Hey Jazz."

She stared at me again for a few seconds, and you could see she was trying to debate whether or not she should pursue this matter. But apparently, she decided it wasn't worth her time, because she shrugged and looked back to Jason.

"So hun, you want to come to my house for a few hours. We haven't gotten to hang out in like, a whole week. Besides, my parents aren't home." she asked, winking suggestively, and twirling a lock of blond hair in her finger.

My heart clenched tightly in my chest, and my eyes drifted over to Jason. He was trying to look casual, but I could see the inner conflict inside of him. His eyes moved discreetly over to me, and when they met mine, I looked away, out the window. Already, I knew what he had to do, what had to be done. People couldn't know about us, not if we didn't want to be lynched in the school cafeteria. So obviously, he would go with her, to her house, do nasty filthy things with her, that were only not nasty if he was doing them with me.

And I knew that, and while I simply hated it, I understood it.

That's why I started to cross the room, heading out the door, dreading that I even had to pass Jazz, when Jason finally spoke.

"Jazz, we need to talk."

His choice of words forced me to stop, and I turned, looking into his face, eyes questioning what I felt he was about to do.

Jazz cocked her head like a blond little cocker spaniel. "Okay, fine, but can we hurry? You never now if my parents will come home early."

I had to bite a lip to surpress a snort of laughter. Obviously, Jazz had not detected the undertone of Jason's words.

Jason scratched his head, and sighed. "Jazz, I think...we should break up."

Jazz looked up from the phone she had just been pulling out of her pocket, her eyes locking onto Jason.

"What are you saying?" she asked.

She was so stupid. Did he really need to repeat himself for her to understand it? Apparently so, because nothing was said until he did just that.

"I'm breaking up with you?"

Jazz bit her lip, then stamped her foot. "Why?"

"I...just don't think it's working out. That's all."

Jazz apparently did not care for this answer, because she folded her arms arcross her breasts and made a noise of anger. "Not working out? What's not working out for you, exactly?" she demanded to know. Sensing that this wasn't going to end soon, I slowly started to move towards the door again, trying to get out of the crossfire. But my movement was detected by Jazz, and she turned to me. I could see the gears in her head turning, as she remembered what she had first seen when she walked in, and what was happening right now.

"Do you know something about this?" she hissed at me, her eyes shooting flames at me. I was surprised. While I'd always known she was a bit of a bitch, I hadn't known her to be this bad. I mean, they had been going for three months. Did she need to make a big deal out of it.

"No." I said simply, just as Jason said, "Leave him out of this."

I'm not sure which of our answers angered her, but the next second, she was crossing the room, coming right at me. I stepped back in suprise, but there was little space for me to go, so I was forced to straighten up and meet her piercing gaze.

"What did you do, you freaking fag?" she spat in my face, and I couldn't stop the slight smile that creeped onto my face as I took in her undeniably beautiful body, and realized that Jason had chosen me over her.

"Maybe he just wants somebody who's inside isn't so ugly." I said to her, knowing it was probably the wrong thing to do. She made one of those disbelieving girl squeaks, then raised her hand, preparing to slap me in the face. I braced myself for the blow, but it never came, because Jason sprung forward and snatched her wrist right out of the air.

Her head snapped over to look at him, eyes blazing.

Jason't eyes bore back into hers, and I was struck speechless by the animosity in them. "Jazz, get out of my house. It's over."

Jazz stared back at him for a few more seconds, but finally ripped her arm out of his grasp and stomped out of his house. We waited for the door slam before either of us spoke.

"Are you sure that was a smart move?" I asked him, and he nodded.

"Yeah. She was kind of a bitch anyway."

"I could of told you that." I said right off, and he rolled his eyes at me. "It might cause a problem at school, you know?" I said, and he shrugged.

"Eh, I don't think so. I've built up quite a reputation as lady's man. Besides, everyone knows not to mess with me."

His confident tone reassured me, and I smiled. Besides, we'd cross that bridge if we came to it.

"Well anyway, thanks for stopping her from smacking me. I was afraid I'd catch Bitch Aids if her nails scratched me." I said, and Jason laughed.

"Anything to protect the honor of my fair Princess." he said, and then he grabbed my shirt lightly, and pulled me over to him. He kissed me for a few seconds, but just as I started to get into it, he stopped. For a second, I was about to complain, but a second later, he scooped me up, like a groom to his bride. He kissed me again, and when he pulled away, I smiled, then shifted in his arms.

"You can put me down now."

He twirled around so suddenly I was afraid he'd drop me, and even worse, he did. But it turned out it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, because actually he'd just dropped me onto his bed.

"Of course, Princess." he said, and I frowned.

"Appreciating the affection, but that's not like, your sticking nick name for me, is it?" I asked, and Jason grinned, rolling on the bed with me, and snuggling me tightly against his chest.

"Whatever you say, Princess."

Thank you, and keep your eyes out for a third installment, because I probably will write another. Feedback welcome. Not much boy lovin, I know, and I'm sorry. I'll try better next time.