"You let him see you? What the hell were you thinking?" Vincent yelled in Belledonna's ear through the phone's receiver.

"Now hold on just a second, how the hell did you know I let him see me?" She snapped in response, flopping down onto the small sofa in her bedroom by the window.

"Amy saw you in town and noticed you talking to him, have you forgotten that you're supposed to be an assassin, someone who is never seen by her targets?"

"Why the hell was she in town? Did you send her to spy on me?"

She growled, rubbing the bridge of her nose in aggravation.

"Just get this job done with Belledonna, I can't pay you if you don't take out your target!"

"Yeah, yeah I know. He's my target, that's all I'm supposed to see him as and shouldn't get attached." She huffed, puffing her bangs up out of her eyes.

The line went dead as her boss had hung up his phone.

"Damn that cat,"

"I'm going to have a talk with her soon." She muttered darkly, imagining herself aiming the barrel of her sniper rifle at Amy's head.

She stood from the sofa and reluctantly made her way to the living room.

"Might as well go over some more of this info before I have to take Caspio out."

Flopping down onto the couch beside the coffee table, she grabbed up a small pile of what looked like letters.

She began reading the top one.

Dearest Rosalie, my passion for you burns like fire.

I simply cannot spend another moment without you nearby,

Please meet me tonight at our usual place.

I will be waiting with roses and your favorite chocolates.

Come around nine.

Your's sincerely, Caspio.

"Sounds like a normal letter, innocent enough and he obviously got over Marie rather quickly." She thought as she moved onto the second letter.

My dearest Melody, I look forward to our meeting tonight.

I have a special gift for you; I hope you will enjoy it as much as I will.

Very excited about seeing you again.

Your's truly, Caspio.

"Someone clearly has a Casanova complex. No wonder Marie wants him whacked." She laughed.

"Hang on." She thought as she flipped to the third letter.

Mr. Caspio. I am writing on behalf of my beloved Marie.

She has been distraught and inconsolable since you broke her heart.

I would like to make it clear that,

If you come near her, I will take matters into my own hands.

I know of your behavior and so called tendencies.

If you do not change your ways.

I will have to take drastic measures.

"What the hell, I thought Marie was the one who put the hit on him."

"Could this guy have put it on him instead?" She thought, re-reading the letter.

"Damn, no name or any sort of address."

She tossed the letters on top of the coffee table with the rest of the papers, standing from the couch.

She walked back into the bedroom and made her way into the bathroom, turning to face herself in the wall mirror.

Her hair was still damp from her shower this morning, her corset and skirt slightly wrinkled and the knot at the top of her left boot had unraveled, she reached up and brushed her hair off her shoulders.

"Looks like I'll be finding a disguise if I'm going to face Caspio again, boss will probably kill me if I'm recognized again."

She blew her breath out in a gust, puffing up her bangs out of her eyes.

"What the hell can I wear though?" She thought, staring at her reflection with a confused expression.

"One of the places he'll be tonight is a fancy night club; maybe I should wear a dress?"

The thought of herself wearing a gown made her laugh at the very idea.

"I'm bound to have some kind of dress or something." She muttered, walking back into the bedroom towards the closet.

She rifled through her clothes before finding a little black cocktail dress. "Perfect!"

"Now all I need is some stockings, heels and do my hair." She smiled as she dug through the pile of shoes at the back of the closet.