You reached across
Dinner tables
Movie theaters
Back seats
Phone lines
To give me this message
Message of what?
You always hung up
Before I could ask

You reached across
My faraway look in your eyes
All your insecurities on my fingertips
My love in your chest
Your loneliness in my heart
With the whole world watching our every move
And you held me there
You told me you'd be back
And then silence
How do I respond to that?

You reached across
Your arm on my shoulders
Your hand on my chest
Stroking my fingers
Brushing the hair from my eyes
Your whisper throbs in my ear
Telling me you need me, want me
You knew then I was forever yours
That you were capable of destroying me
I waited for you to respond to that

Then I sat up
Straightened up
Woke up to this empty bed
This empty room
The wind beat against the window
Shadows moved along the curtains
Like you were in a hurry to get out
My skin prickled with cold
And I called out
No response

Now only I'm reaching across
Your lines
Your walls
Your haze
Desperate to gather what I thought was all mine
Or at least ours
You step away
You turn away
Too fast for me to catch up
Maybe too long to remember what I was chasing