Look to the front
Look to the right
Look anywhere but his face
He might be crying again

Break his mood
Break his spirit
Break the silence, anything
But please don't break his heart

Concentrate on the road
Don't concentrate on his swerving
Concentrate on the music
Don't concentrate on the words

Every second counts against you
You should have done something
Every heartbeat passes in vain
You should have said something

The cold seeps into your bones
I deserve to freeze
Your breathe labors your lungs
I deserve to die

Don't talk to me
You might accidentally scream instead
Don't touch me
You might beat me instead

Please leave me alone
Please let me think
Maybe I'll think of a solution
Maybe I'll remember why I'm here

I don't need you to ignore me
I don't need you to hate me
I don't need you to destroy me
I can do it myself