Hi guys,

Well it's a series of letters in a row, they might be connected or maybe not but guess that's it, it's a new style I adopted something different from stories do review and tell me how it is.

I know I will never have you but I love you,

Crying my eyes out wont help, leaning on a shoulder I wish it was you, you to look at me more then a friend. But those desires are a fancy, I will never have you and I don't care if I lost you, but I love you. It may be my punishment or maybe a dream but I want you, ,I can stand for my self but I need your support .I can fight but I need your hand and yet you don't recognize those feelings, thinking of me as a companion a trust worthy friend, why cant you see why cant you feel the way I do?. I want you I can live on my own, I can fight till I die by your side, now sitting on my grave you whisper your prayers, why were you so blind? My soul whispers what is it that I lack? What is it that you look for? What more? I scream through tears but only winds and sky can listen-its over-

But still I was there, there when you needed me, I was there but why did you leave me in the dark? Alone shivering, no more tears left, I left my traces and yet you don't know-I laid my self for you, I dif what I could, I tried and failed and tried again, I am a felony now- a disgrace a prisoner of your love. I may know how to master a sward but I failed to confess, what was just a hug to you was more to me, taking my last breaths in your embrace was all I wanted and I got it, that night I died in your arms-

When you read this it will be very late, but still I love you, and I will. Even albeit I am a prisoner of time- I love you whole my life, envied you and yet you fail to see me? Now you wont-with those words close this letter and burn it, I was never there for you but still me soul seeks eternity-

So, what you think? Shall I continue? Do tell me-

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