I hope you know you are hurting me
I hope you know its not fair
Because you took my heart away from me
And suddenly, you don't seem to care.

At first, we were inseparable
But now, all you ask is if you can walk me home
And although it may be a sweet gesture
It feels like you are asking to be left alone.

My heart hurts when you get angry
My smile fades away
But your anger only surfaces around me,
'Cause in public, you are okay.

I fell asleep crying last night
But this is something you'll never know
'Cause for some reason, you are asking me to forget about you
And this will probably be the final blow.

You made me promise that when things go bad
I should tell you everything about my day
But here you are, crushed inside, and I don't know why
So how do I know what I'm supposed to say?

I want to tell you that I'm here for you
But that's just something that should be implied
So I'll just hold your hand for now, and
Hope that one day, you'll trust in me enough to confide.


2nd February 2012

12:06 AM