I wish you could feel my heart beat
I wish it could tell you the things I won't confess
I wish you would hold me close when I cry
'Cause they say tears are words the heart can't express.

I remember when and where it happened
But it's the how I can't recall
All I know is that when you finally left,
I was the one left staring at a blank wall.

You should have never left me broken
But I forgave you when I saw you cry
You and I are both hurt,
And maybe that's the reason why…

The reason I want to hear your heart beat
To hear the things you won't say aloud
The reason you try to stay hidden
But yours is the first face I look for in a crowd.

I know you want me to move on,
But it'd be like leaving part of me behind
For you've begun to feel like home –
What I wouldn't do to hit rewind.

There must be a way to correct this
For I know we both still feel the same
Just for split second, let me hear your heart beat
And if I'm wrong, I promise to stop playing this game.

But my heart tells me I'm right,
And it continues to pound quickly when you are here
So, baby, please let me feel your heartbeat
But please, whatever happens, don't realize my fear…

© HalfPast12

February 19th, 2012

5:09 PM

(inspired by The Fray)