What is it like?

What does it feel like to watch everyone grow old and die right before you?

And you know in the painstaking agony that they will grow and live while you stay the same.

How does it hurt to see the one you love crumble and turn to dust in you outstretched hands?

And knowing that you can't join them because you are bound to this desolate place we call Earth.

Crying as you watch the world turn to ash And only you will remain,

Floating along in the rocky remains of a once thriving planet

Clutching your head in confusion as the voices whisper over and over until you must rip it apart to stop the screaming masses

And when it is over, you lay in the ringing vast silence Gliding alone in empty darkness because everyone has already left the world

Suddenly time goes back Sending you flying across the red, white, and blue streaks of changing time


The time stops As you sit up in bed and wonder,

With just one thought

"Time to Forget"