With a flick of her wrist and a wave of her magic wand, the witch had sent the children to their dream vacation-Kansas. When they got there they were prepared to see a cool animal, landform, building, or even some hairy guy riding a trycyle. When they got there however all they saw was praried, nothing but prairie for like twenty miles, probably more but this isn't math class. That probably means I should get my math finished. HAHAHAHAHAHA, that was a great one, I don't even know what I did with my math. I'll jus tell my teacher that my little brother peed on it, and he'll be like prove it. Then I'll go dip the paper in some water and he won't want to touch it, so I'll get off the hook for not doing my homework and then I won't fail the class. Next I kind of wanted to go bowling. I mean bowling was popular a long time ago and I feel like it's my duty to bring it back, even if it takes me more than half an hour.

Wait, so where was I? Oh yeah. There was a couple who went on their, dream vacation to Kansas and all they saw was prairie. I mean dude if you went there like dude, like all you would see was like prairie dude. That would be fun because then I could run and blow my nose on unsuspecting plants and elderly people. Sorry plants and elderly people, and even more sorry to elderly plant people. I would be really freaked out though if there was a plant that looked like a human or a human that looked like a plant.

Yeah so their dream vacation didn't turn out like it was supposed to. Hey what would happen if you met an octopus? I wonder if it would give me a candy bar, or two bucks to go buy a candy bar. But if I took it from the octopus then it would be all wet and then it would be gross chocolate, or it would look like I was trying to pass off fake money. Of course I could probably get away with that.

What would have happend if Christopher Columbus had driven a mini van here and then went to Vegas for a weekend on the rocks.? Hmm, I wonder. Thanks for smelling my feet unicorn. Wait, I took a break and came back, what did I write? Well the world may never know. Hold on momentarily as I reread my own writing.

Okay so the just of it is that there was a couple going to Kansas and a witch sent them there. Wait where did the witch come from? Let's just say that she was the man's grandmother and she was gifted her powers through spoiled goat cheese because she was Swedish. So when the couple asked the man's grandmother if they could go to Kansas she could not deny and she sent them there.

Then the elderly witch grandmother left the two alone to explore Kansas for their honeymoon. Apparently they had never researched Kansas, in fact I'm sure the couple never even knew where Kansas was. Of course this didn't matter, oh my gosh chocalate milk.

I fell now is an appropiate time for this letter.

Dear reader (assuming someone reads this),

I am writing this late at night or when I'm not paying attention like after eating a ham sandwhich or drinking milk. Oh milk puts me in a loopy mood don't ya' know. Well let's see I like fish and... there I go again typing more pointless words that don't make any sense in the given situation.