Feliciana's Past - Princess97

Okey dokey, so this was fun to write in a way. I really enjoyed having Kalene and Feliciana have that little break at the end and I think it kind of explains a little bit why there is some tenison between those two. They love each other, but Feliciana will never be able to forget what Kalene said to her. So, I hope you like it!


(Picks up where her section of How the Coven Came to Be left off)

When Feliciana came too, she had an intense thirst. Her mouth was dry and the back of her throat was scratchy. She sat up and her eyes found Kalene's little body slumped over on the floor. She gasped and crawled toward her, reaching out to feel for a pulse.

Her hand came away slick with blood and there wasn't a trace of a heartbeat in her adoptive sister's neck. She clenched her hands into fists and choked back a scream, pressing her hand to her mouth, forgetting that it was covered in Kalene's blood.

Feliciana's eyes widened to the size of dinner plates and she swallowed hard, her tongue flicking out across her lips of its own violation. The ruby drops of blood exploded on her tongue like a spark of electricity and she was disgusted to find that she wanted more. She wanted fresh blood; warm blood.

Climbing unsteadily to her feet, Feliciana stumbled away from her sister, her body moving forward much faster than she was accustomed to. Her knee cracked against the settee, but she barely felt it. Her ears had picked up on a small sound and she had gone dead still, her eyes darkening in color.

She inhaled deeply and turned, her eyes narrowed. Her throat ached and she tried to swallow, but there was a lump in the way. It burned with an intensity that would have made her eyes water if she wasn't so overcome by the scent filling her nose.

Her mouth watered and she stumbled toward the small closet down the hall. She hit the wall with a tud and a giggle escaped her lips before she could squelch it. Mayhap she had gone insane? That was the only thing she could think of, for she had awoken on the cold floor next to her sisters corpse and had not screamed, but had instead licked her blood off her lips and followed an intoxicating aroma to the closet she stood before now.

Feliciana reached out slowly and took the handle, her hands shaking slightly. She jerked the door open and looked in on two pairs of terrified eyes. "Fee?" her adoptive father whispered. "What happened to you?"

"Daddy?" Feliciana asked, her head titling to the side slightly. "Why are you in the closet?"

"We hid, my dear," her adoptive mother told her. "There was a man in here and we hid,"

Feliciana felt a slight tick in her left cheek. "You left us?" she asked harshly.

Her father stood and smiled lightly at her. "You appear to be fine, but why is there blood on your mouth?" he wondered.

"Kalene is dead," Feliciana snarled, her gums aching.

"Dead?" her mother gasped, a sob escaping her lip.

"Don't you dare cry for her!" Fee screamed, her hands balling into fists. "I tried to help her while you hid like cowards in the closet!"

Her mother sobbed loudly and brokenly on the floor of the closet and that just made Feliciana angrier. How could they pretend to care about their daughters if they had left them to the mercy of a stranger so that they could hide out in the closet?

"Fee," her father tried.

Her hand shot out and her fingers curled around his throat. "You do not have the right to speak to me anymore," she hissed, a shocking pain shooting through her mouth. Something sharp bit into her lower lip and she opened her mouth to accommodate whatever it was.

Her father made a strangled sound in the back of his throat, bring ing Feliciana's attention back to him. "What's the matter daddy?" she growled. "Do I frighten you now?"

She didn't know what that man had done to her, but she felt…great. She was stronger and faster and much more lethal now. She could feel it in the way her blood pounded through her veins. And she knew with certainty that she was only just witnessing the beginning of her strengths. She knew somehow that blood was the key to her power. All she had to do was take it.

With a hissed Feliciana jerked her father toward her and plunged her newfound fangs into his jugular. The succulent liquid that resided in his veins spilled into her mouth, dribbling down her chin and over the front of her shift. She didn't care in the least.

Her mother screamed and Feliciana dropped her father to the floor, stepping over his body toward the woman on the floor. She didn't even wipe his blood from her face as she lunged for her adoptive mother, pinning her to the floor and once again plunging her fangs into her neck, swallowing the deliciously sweet blood that she gave unwillingly.

"What are you doing!"

The shrill scream brought Fee back to herself. She jerked away from her mother and watched in horror as she slumped to the floor, her eyes wide and lifeless; staring unseeing up at Feliciana. She turned and stared at her sister who stood on shaky legs.

"Kalene?" she asked in awe.

"What have you done?" Kalene whispered.

Feliciana stood, suddenly horrified by what she had done. She swiped a hand over her mouth, but knew that her shift was soaked through with the damning evidence. She had murdered Kalene's birth parents; her own adoptive parents.

She was a murderess.


Kalene shook her head, her eyes sad. "I understand," she murmured.

Air rushed out of Fee's lungs and she collapsed in a heap on the floor, agonizing gasps escaping her lips. "I…do not…know…what….happened!" she wailed, the sobs making her harder to understand.

Kalene moved toward her slowly, her eyes refusing to rest on her father and mother. She refused to think of her sister as a killer. All she saw was a broken young woman, crumpled on the floor, in pain. She dropped to her side and tentatively put her arm around her. She felt an overwhelming sense of hate and pulled back in shock. How could she think that of her sister! Feliciana continued to weep and Kalene shook her head. "I do not hate you," she murmured.

"I hate myself!" Feliciana screamed, curling her fingers into her hair. "I hate myself!"

"Shh," Kalene soothed. "Do not say that,"

"It's true! Look what I have done," Feliciana sniffed, her eyes red and puffy.

"It was…an accident," Kalene lied, her eyes turning involuntarily to the corpses lying on the floor.

"You are too nice," Feliciana hiccupped, sniffling. "And I am…a monster,"

"No you are not," Kalene said sternly. "We're different now, I can feel it." She pushed her sister's red lock off her face and tried for a smile, but it came out as a grimace.

"I can feel it too," Feliciana whispered.

"Then we shall figure out what we have become together," Kalene nodded, climbing to her feet. "As much as I loathe saying it, we must flee this place. If anyone finds out what has happened here, we will burn as witches."

"Are we?" Fee wondered.

"Witches?" Kalene asked, pulling her sister to her feet. "I think not,"

"Then what?" Feliciana sighed.

Kalene shook her head. "We shall discover the answer together. Come now, we must flee."

"Like thieves in the night," Fee managed.

The two sisters stumbled to their room and packed their trunks with what they needed and fled the house in the night disappearing into the shadows.

"You must hate me," Feliciana said to her sister as they walked, after having gotten themselves cleaned up and clothes properly. They could hardly traipse around any town in their shifts and with Feliciana covered in blood.

"Of course I do not hate you sister," Kalene said soothingly. "I told you I understood what you did,"

"Why are not afflicted as I am?" fee wondered, looking at her sister.

"I am," Kalene said with a nod. "But I do not wish to kill anyone." She cast a sidelong glance at Fee and cleared her throat. "I have found that I can tell what they are feeling. It is often like I am feeling what they feel and sometimes it is difficult to tell which feelings are mine and which are not." She confided.

Feliciana took her sister's hand. "You were always very compassionate in our old life," she said with a small smile.

"I find that I cannot take what I need without loathing myself for it," Kalene whispered.

"I loathe myself, yet I continue to drink!" Feliciana cried, turning to face her sister. "Why are we so different?"

"I do not know," Kalene murmured, looking away.

"You and I are both the same damnable creature of the night, yet I must drink and you abstain. Why is it so?" she demanded.

Kalene lifted one shoulder. "I do not know," she repeated.

"I have killed our parents because I could not control myself!" Feliciana wailed, dropping her trunk, spatting her dress with mud.

"You were wrought with despair!" Kalene cried, gripping her sister's arms. "You thought me dead sister!"

"And that makes it acceptable that I am a murderess?" Fee practically shrieked.

"Hush now," Kalene soothed, pulling her sister into a hug. "We will find a way for you to abstain as I do," she promised.

Feliciana sniffled. "You cannot abstain forever. I can see it in your eyes, sister, you grow weaker every day."

"Yet I will not take what is not mine," Kalene said firmly.

"You say that now, but how will you feel in a few days' time when the thirst becomes so unbearable you want to scream?" Feliciana urged. "We need blood to survive my sister, and you cannot rebuke that which gives you life."

"I will find another way," Kalene said firmly.

"I pray you do," Feliciana murmured softly, stooping to pick up her trunk once again. They set out through the woods, unsure as to where they were going, simply knowing they could stay there no longer.

The days passed and Kalene grew weaker and weaker. Feliciana insisted she drink, but still Kalene refused. It wasn't until three days later that she broke.

The girls had found a home in a small country town and were out and about that night together. The townspeople never asked why they didn't come out during the day or why they had no parents with them. They left them to their business and never questioned them.

That was why they chose to stay.

Feliciana was searching for Kalene. She was missing and that worried her terribly so. Kalene was the one person Fee had left in this world and she would not lose her. Not now, not ever. She picked up her skirts and ran through the town, calling Kalene's name. She cared not for what the others thought of her for doing so, knowing only that she had to find her sister before it was too late.

She, herself, had discovered that she could take a little blood at a time and not kill the person she drank from if she focused hard enough and did not give herself over to the demon she had become. Perhaps Kalene would agree to that way of life one Feliciana found her. Abstaining from blood was not the way to go for it weakened and drained Kalene and Fee feared she would break from frailty.

A sudden scream pierced the night air and Fee stopped, her eyes wide. She hesitated only a moment more before running at her full speed toward the sound. She found Kalene in a ditch, her fingers curled into a man's hair.

Fee didn't recognize him, but mayhap that was because half of his face was covered in blood. Kalene looked up with a feral look in her eye and Feliciana sighed. She climbed down into the ditch and gripped her sister's shoulder.

"Kalene, stop," she urged.

The man made a strangled sound in his throat and stared at Fee, as if pleading with her. Kalene made a guttural noise, but she managed to pull free. Then she cried out and tore herself free of Fee's grasp, stumbling up and out of the ditch.

"Look at what I have done!" she cried, balling her hands into fists over her eyes.

The man forgotten, Feliciana climbed out after her. "It was not your fault. You suffered only from the same affliction as I on the first day,"

"But I am not you!" Kalene screamed. She seemed to realize what she had said before she could take it back. Feliciana stared at her, her heart aching. "Fee, I did not mean—"

"I understand," Feliciana barely breathed.

Kalene shook her head. "No, please—"

"Stop," Feliciana murmured. "I really do understand. You have always been the one in control. You have always been the one who didn't need help. I have always been the one who needed you. I understand,"

Kalene sobbed brokenly into her hands and Feliciana went to her and comforted her much the same way Kalene had comforted her on that first day. They had come full circle and now she did not know where to go or where they stood.

"that is for another day," Feliciana murmured gently, pushing her sister's hair off her forehead. "Let us get you cleaned up. I suppose we will have to leave town now, but we will find somewhere else. Somewhere better,"

Kalene sniffled. "I'm sorry," she said.

Feliciana took her hand and led her home. "You have nothing to be sorry for," she lied, knowing that Kalene had broken something in her. Kalene had taken away her pillar of strength and now Feliciana had to find that strength within herself. She could not lean on Kalene anymore, for her sister needed to draw on her own strength and could not afford to let Fee have any.

That scared Feliciana more than what she had become for she did not think she possessed the strength she needed to be good. She did not have the same strength Kalene had and she did not think she ever would.