It doesn't matter what we say

Because of our DNA

We'll end up together any way.

I like to think of our love as being scientifical.

That it's only something physical

And not at all mental.

I'd like to think it's only our genes

That it's just a matter of the playing scenes.

Our ending is already written.

It's only a fact that we're a smitten.

There's nothing left to vary,

Because you're always going to be the one I marry.

People tell me their dreams,

They dream of you and me.

They say we've been betrothed since birth.

But that's not at all what it's really worth.

We've had the perfect childhood, I admit.

It's a fairytale that'll never quit.

I was always your princess and you my prince,

It's been that way ever since.

I was the wife when we played house,

And you the husband; my spouse.

They say we're the perfect pair.

But to me this just isn't very fair.

When I imagine me ten years from now,

I see you and wow.

Are you what's right for me?

Are you what will set me free?

Or is it he?

I can't help but think of him instead.

I sometimes think it will drive me dead.

When I think of him,

He drives me clear insane,

Yet he brings sunshine not rain.

He'll provide for me,

He'll be what be what I need.

But somehow I know,


Maybe they're right,

Maybe our love isn't just science,

Maybe this is my alliance.

Do you promise to protect me come what may?

Will you take your stand either way?

Will you love me unconditionally?

Did you also think our love scientifically?

I know now it's not scientifical,

It's just a miracle.