One True Thing

It's strange

Thinking of you

Who you are and

What you are

You used to be

Someone I could rely on

No matter the time

You used to be

The reason I got out of bed

Early on a weekend

You used to be

The one thing I looked forward to

More than anything else

You used to be

My inspiration

Stories about a boy who thinks he's a man

Betrayed by the world


You are

Someone I can trust

But also someone I can never talk to

You are

The reason that sometimes

I just feel so used and stepped on

You are

The one thing I don't look forward to

Watching you play the heartbroken heartbreaker

You are

My inspiration still

For writing about your pain

Because you're still hurting

And I don't know you anymore

But I do know that

It may just have been the one thing

That was real about us