Is it better to look for love

Or wait and hope it comes

Is it one of those things that flee

As soon as you go searching

Or is it something that can't be found

Unless you look under every rock

Do you have to lose a version of it

To lead you to the real thing

Or is it best to meet your one and only

Before any other

But then again why just one

Why not two or three or four

Is the heart not big enough

Or is it a restriction set by society

Does it really matter who

Is it a rule that she can be

Only a friend

And he only a lover

What if your one and only lives

In China or Australia or France

And you never do meet

Will you never be satisfied

Will the heart never stop looking

Even after you've settle for second best

So I'll look under every stone

And go where my heart takes me

And do whatever feels right

And slow it all down when I need a break

'Cause you never know who you'll find

In a dull moment