Dream Sequence

Maybe one day I'll tell her

You know

One day

One day when I'm a little less scared

And a little more brave

You know those days

I know you do

Those days where you feel like

You can take on the world


I let myself think

About what it would be like I

If she liked me too

It a worthless dream though

A hopeless one

One that'll only let my mind do what it wants

To be illusioned

To belief

In her, us

She knows about me

I told her

You know what it's like

That amazing moment where you tell someone

And it doesn't change their opinion of you

I want to kiss her

Sometimes I almost think she wouldn't mind

I don't want to kill our friendship

But sometimes I do

It may hurt less to never see her

Than it does to see her and know she can't be mine

If only I knew for sure

I'd know what to do

Forget or tell or walk away

If only I were a little less scared

And a little more brave