#34 Let the Words Flow

Expressing myself is easier said than done,

It's an internal battle I've never really won.

I'd rather bottle it up and keep it inside,

Then in the secret of my paper let my feelings reside.

The thoughts in my head are better left unsaid,

And the words I manage to write often go unread.

So without the pressure of hiding my fears,

On this page will my emotions appear.

Now where do I start? How do I begin?

Shall I free the thoughts from within?

I take a deep breath and let the words flow,

Reservations aside, I don't care who knows.

The feelings were pent up like a wild beast,

Raging inside waiting to finally be released.

Now that the whirlwind of emotions has been relieved,

The sense of accomplishment has been achieved.

Writing is more than an arrangement of words,

It's an opportunity, a chance, to be heard.

It's an expression of what's in your heart,

And what you have to say will set you apart.