Back in the OLDEN days, they considered your ankles scandalous… Why?

I have an honest sense of curiosity. If Ankles are something EVERYONE has, why where they considered scandalous to show? What's so particularly 'sexy' or scandalous about them? The fact makes me confused! As well as in the mid-evil and Victorian era, to my knowledge, their dresses where UBER low cut and would be considered rather… slutty looking. So if their boobs are basically falling out of their dresses why is it so bad to show their ankles? WHY WHERE ANKLES SCANDALOUS?

This brings me to another subject entirely.


What is so sexy about boobs? Now I don't need a whole 'birds and the bees' talk. I just wish know, what makes them sexy! They're blobs of FAT attached to a girls chest so that she can breast feed her babies. My question is, why is being fat not sexy, but having large boobs is? When you think about it, they're basically made of the same purpose and same material. Fat is fat, so why are boobs sexy? When a girl (or boy) is fat, they're considered unattractive. When a girl (there is no option for a boy here…) has large boobs she's considered sexy. My question is WHY ARE BOOBS SEXY!

If you have the answers to these questions that would be greatly appreciated, put them in your review, share me a link, ANYTHING. I just wish to have my questions answered! Thank you!

PS I will be coming up with and posting more of these questions in the future. :D