Thank you for taking the time to feel out this online survey. In doing so, you will be asked to answer each question truthfully with the best of your ability.

"Sounds simple enough…"

Question 1: Are you a male or female?

The cursor clicked male.

The next section consists of questions that will be answered with one of three answers. Yes. No. Somewhat.


Question 2: Do you have a partner?

"What kinda' question is that?"

Hazel eyes stared at the computer screen from behind a pair of glasses before clicking no.

Question 3: Are you in any extra curricular activities?


Question 4: Do you feel like you're lacking something in life?

"Again, what kinda' question is that?"

"Robbie, who are you talking to?"

"No one, Skylar! Go outside and play!"

"Mommy, Robbie's talking to himself again!"

The hazel eyes rolled as the one named Robbie stood up, walked over to his door and slammed it shut.

"Brat," he mumbled, walking back over to his computer. "Now, back to this…"

The cursor selected yes.

The next part of the survey consists of questions that help us get to know a bit more about you personally. If you do not feel comfortable with this, feel free to exit this survey. If you are fine with this, please click on the continue option to proceed.

"Ok, continue."

The cursor clicked the button.

You chose to continue with the survey. The next section will have several answers to choose from as well as fill ins. Like before, we would appreciate you to answer each question with the best of your ability.

Question 5: Pick one of the following that would best describe you: Outgoing, Brash, Shy, Intimidating, or Indifferent.

"I only get to pick one of those?" His eyes wandered the screen for a skip button. "Oh, c'mon…"

The mouse selected the shy option.

Question 6: How tall are you?


Seeing a box below the question, he typed in 5'4''

Question 7: Are you a Type A or Type B?


Shrugging, he selected Type B.

Question 8: What is your preference? Male. Female. Both?


It was something he never really thought about until now. Male? Female? Both? He ran his fingers through his hair before getting up and walking over to the window. Several minutes past but his gaze never left the outside scenery. He watched as his seven year old brother ran back in forth in the yard, playing Frisbee with one of his friends from up the road.

" Male or female?" he muttered, rubbing his temples slowly. "What kinda' questionnaire is this?"

His mind wandered to school life. There was a redhead he had a crush on but she never seemed to give him the time of day. His mind then drifted off to one of his old friends. They had known each other since kindergarten and seemed to do everything together.

"Damn it…" Robbie said jadedly as he sat back down at his computer.

The mouse clicked on the last option.

Question 9: List five of your hobbies.

"Seems simple enough."

Tapping a finger on his chin, the teen sat up straight and began typing. His first option was videogames. The second was web surfing followed by reading, drawing and finally cooking.

"That seems about right."

The survey is nearing its end and you have only one question left. If you wish to complete the last question, please click on the green button to proceed. If you do not, feel free to click the red button and we thank you for your input.

"Well, I made it this far," Robbie said, clicking the green button.

This final question pertains to participating in a risk-free experiment. If you choose to accept, you could be compensated greatly for your contribution.


Question 10: Would you be willing to participate in the PDA experiment? Yes or No?


Hazel eyes focused on the word PDA.

"PDA?" he repeated. "Well, it did say risk-free…"

The cursor selected the first option before the entire screen went black.


The screen came back on moments later with a new page presented.

We thank you for accepting to help with the PDA experiment. To have your trial delivered to your door, please present your mailing address, your home residence is preferred, and read the terms below pertaining to what to expect and how to help us improve.

"So, I just need to fill in…"

Hazel eyes skimmed over the terms seeing things such as data, something about technological progress and something about love. He arched a brow but didn't bother to glance over it. It was risk-free and compensation was a given after all.

"Robert, come help me set the table!"

"Coming!" he called, getting up after he put in the last bit of information. "Computer, log me out and go on standby."

Just before he left, the computer screen signed out of the email account before going to standby. Trudging downstairs, the teen moved out of the way as his little brother went flying upstairs.

"Watch it, Sky!"

"Mom, Robbie's picking on me!"

"Robert, leave Skylar alone!"

"But I didn't-" He just threw his hands up before entering the dining room. "Whatever," he said, watching his mom set down the plates before putting on a white lab coat. "Don't tell me you have work again."

"Hun, you know I work at night," she said, kissing his cheek before hurrying by. "I'll see you guys in the morning."

"If you don't get called in, right?" he asked quietly as the front door closed. "Skylar, come eat dinner!"

The child bounded downstairs and took a seat at the table. "Where's mom?"

"Where do you think?" the older of the two asked after taking his own seat.

"At work?" Skylar asked in a whiny voice. "But why?"

"Because she has to freaking work!"

"It's not fair!"

Robert raised a brow before poking at his food. "Don't eat this," he said once his brother was about to stuff his face.


"Mom forgot to cook it."

"We seem to have gotten a volunteer for our PDA."

"Oh, really? That seems to be a first."

"Well, when you made the questionnaire, your questions were rather peculiar."

"You weren't very specific when you told me to make it and in defense, you asked last minute."

"You spent what, ten minutes at the most when you did it?"

"Don't judge. We have a volunteer after all."

"Computer, bring up the info on our dear volunteer."

"Hey, Kay?"

"Yes, Jay?"

"Do you think this will work? I mean, the last version didn't seem to go too well."

"Of course, we did tweak the specs this time around."

There was a moment of silence as both viewed the large computer screen.

"From what our volunteer has put down, I say this should be a very interesting trial run indeed."

"Do you think they read the terms?"

"Of course," Jay replied. "We did state everything in the terms."

"I suppose," Kay replied, "but does anyone really read the terms and conditions?"

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