Author's Note: Ok, ok, how many of you actually read the filler? (Oh, I know how many of you read it!) Well, ya' didn't really have to. It was just a filler after all and in no way interjects with this story. Mainly there to kill some time as I worked on this newly completed answered? Yes? No?

Oh, well.


In the room, Jay knelt down, scowling at the warm liquid that had begun to stain his pants. Getting a bit closer, he ran his hand through the blonde tresses before recoiling as a hand grabbed his wrist. However, it lacked its bite and power as dull, carmine eyes focused on his large, blue eyes.

"Why…are you here?" the android inquire as he managed to prop himself up. A weak smirk then crossed his face as he stared at the darkening bruises around the man's throat. "Are you stupid or something?" he added as his other hand grabbed a hold of Jay's lab coat, staining it in the process. His eyebrow twitched when he didn't receive an answer. "Speak, damn you!" he snapped quietly.

Jay merely sat there before he began to pry away the hand on his coat. Removing the one from off his sleeve, he paused as the other grabbed his wrist. It still lacked the strength of hands that had left bruises along his throat so it wasn't that hard to switch positions on the PDA.

Grabbing the front of the teen's shirt, Jay pulled him closer watching as the darker eyes widened slightly before narrowing in on his form. Bringing up his free hand, the greenette carefully wrapped his fingers around Ace's throat, noting the minor tremor it earned him. And tightening his hold, Jayce slid his hand down, grasping the blonde's wrist prior to holding it up.

"Where…?" he breathed.

"Where's what?" Ace questioned, trying to get his limb back in the process.

"Where…is it?"

Blue eyes shifted to stare at the teen's bare wrist while burgundy eyes did the same. "Where is it?" Ace asked once he realized the meaning of the words spoken. "Where indeed," he commented offhandedly before being pushed on his side. "Hey!"

Tilting his head to the side, Jay slipped the hem of Ace's shirt upwards to see no name tattooed along his lower back. Ignoring the annoyed teen's orders to stop, the man ran his fingers along the unmarked skin. Brushing the shirt up a bit higher, the greenette noticed the ends of a few letters higher up.

"Stop it!"

Scooting away from the android as he shot him a menacing glare, Jay clambered to his feet. "N…not-"

"You're not going anywhere," Ace hissed, grabbing the man by the ankle as he turned to run.


The rest of the brunette's name never came as air rushed out of the man's lungs. The PDA had pulled his leg from under him before pulling it back.

In a daze, Jay blinked away the dizziness and shock before sitting up. Hearing movement behind him, he looked over his shoulder to see the android looming over him. Turning as he tried to get to his feet, the scientist squeaked, earning him a chuckle as the back of his collar and neck was seized in a grip much tighter than before.

"A…Ace," he breathed as he was yanked upwards. The hold was tight, just not tight enough to inflict bruising. "Let…go." The PDA stared at him before walking over to the door. "…please?"

"Please you say?" he mocked prior to stopping. Dull eyes looked over the keypad before focusing on the other. "Open it."

Jay looked back at him. "No." He felt the hand at the back of his neck tighten. "Can't."

"Can't you say?" Clenching his jaw, he then relaxed it. "I'm getting out of here." Clearing his throat, the PDA pressed the intercom button. "Excuse me but will the owner of the green-haired idiot come to the box?"

Jayce sucked his teeth. "'m not…"


"Kay?" said person murmured.

"Dammit, Bertice!"

"'m sorry…"

There was an aggravated sigh. "Not your fault," he said. "Are you ok?"

"F-fine…" the other stammered as the android tightened his grip suddenly. "K-Ka…"

"Let. Him. Go," Kaylen ordered while Elle walked over to the window, computer in hand.

Ace picked up on the tapping of keys before hearing them cease. Dragging his captive over, Ace stared at the redhead to see that she had her finger hovering over the 'Enter' key. Eyebrow raised, the blonde scowled prior to watching the button being pressed.

A loud, agonizing scream pierced the room, making the green-haired man jump before the android dropped down to his knees. His hold faltered on the man's neck while Elle set the computer aside.

"There," she said, "now go get J-"

A growing laugh then echoed through the box. "Ah, ah, ah," the blonde chuckled as his other hand came up to grasp the front of the man's neck, the one in the back falling away. "That trick would work once but not a second time. Now, let me out…"


"I'm already on it," she said, picking up the computer while Kay watched on through the window. "Dammit." Violet eyes shifted. "He locked me out."

"Let. Me. Out."

"Let. Him. Go!" Kaylen countered before looking back at the woman. "Elle."

"He locked me out and I'm not releasing him."




"No, he's a major risk."

"He has Jayce, the man who's worked for you for at least three, if not four years!" the brunette hissed. "You're gonna get him out of there!" Hazel eyes narrowed. "Open the damn door, lady!"

"'s 'kay…" Jayce murmured, looking towards the more panicky coworker. "s'kay."

Watching as the blue-eyes started to close; Kaylen looked back towards the red-haired woman. "Dr. Harukana, please?!"

Hazel eyes looked at the pair behind the glass before finally settling upon the man at her side. "Alright, alright," she said after some time.

Pulling out a keycard, Elle spared the trapped android a glance prior to swiping her card. Keying in her pin, she then stepped back, hand sliding into her pocket to grab the Tesla, as the door slid open. Her fingers curled around the weapon tighter as Ace stepped out, dragging the greenette alongside him.

"That wasn't so hard, now was it?" he asked, grabbing a spare lab coat hanging up.

"Let him-"

"Ah, ah, ah," the PDA interrupted, wagging his finger as he headed towards the nearest exist, "he'll be released when I'm ready." His gaze then shifted towards the fiery redhead that was watching him. "Throw the gun aside, Harukana."


Kay glanced at her agitated features. "Just do it."

Complying, she tossed it away before folding her arms.

"Now," Ace said, turning to face them as he stood in the door, "Imma go while you stay here."


"Your idiot will be fine…maybe," the blonde said before turning to leave. "Au revior."

Running towards the door, an arm was the only thing that barred Kay's way. Shooting the woman a glare as the android strolled out, he looked back in time to see the last of his associate disappearing around the corner. Gritting his teeth, Kaylen glared at Elle one last time before both heard a rather loud crash, sires going off soon after.

As dust and rubble began to filter in, the man pushed past the other and ran out into the hall. Coughing ensued shortly after, dragging Elle from her current location and into the mix. From there, both scientists looked down the hazy hall to see the collapsing ceiling panels, hanging lights and cracked rafters poking through the openings from above. The wall nearest to the damage was down while the pieces of it looked to be scattered further down the hall, pieces of said hall falling by the second.

"Dammit," Elle said as she surveyed all the collateral damage done.

"Jayce!" Kaylen called, coughing as he trekked the destroyed corridor. "Hey, Jay!"

Looking about, he stopped at the downed wall before looking down the rest of the hall that was falling to pieces. Hearing Elle still going on about money for damages and the drastic repairs that would have to be done, Kaylen stepped out through the hole that led to the outdoors. Purple eyes then began to scan the environment before finally spotting the green-haired scientist lying on his side.

Smelling smoke, he then looked over his shoulder to see the far end of the greenhouse sect catching ablaze. Sirens sounded off in the distance soon after before trying to rouse the man.

"Kay," Elle called from within.

"Jayce…" Kaylen knelt down and lightly shook his shoulder. "C'mon, Jayce. Get up," he said, looking at the bruises.


The man didn't even hear his name over the approaching emergency vehicles. "Jayce…"

He didn't even hear his voice over the tires screeching to a halt, doors opening then slamming shut. He ignored the sound of running footsteps. He ignored the ever increasing smell of plant life burning away.

He ignored the unfamiliar voices.

Motion in his peripheral then had him looking around to see a bright red fire truck. The sound of rushing water then made it to his ears. Looking over his shoulder, he stared up at the billowing clouds of black smoke coming from the other end of the complex. Dropping his gaze a bit, he stared at the small mass, maybe no more than three or four other scientists, being looked at prior to hearing movement around him.

"Sir." Kay flinched before looking up at the paramedic. "Sir, we need to know if you're alright."

"I'm fine," he replied, "but is-"

"I got one here that's not breathing."

Eyes darting over to the paramedic that had just spoken, Kaylen then dropped his gaze to see the greenette being rolled onto his back. His face was pale, bruising dark against his neck's pallor complexion. Blue eyes were closed while his lab coat where disheveled.


The purple-eyed man hunched forward, simply to have someone hold him back. "You-"

"Let go!" Kaylen scowled as he was pulled away soon after. "Stop!" He then watched as the paramedic began trying to bring air back into the other's lungs. "He-"

"Sir, calm down."

"No, I-he's-!"

"Sir, calm down!"


"Kaylen!" Said person finally tore his gaze from his associate to see Elle glaring at him. "They're going to help!"


"They're going to help!" Elle shouted. "Calm the hell down!"

Glaring back at the hazel-eyed scientist, Kay soon averted his eyes in favor of watching the EMTs. They weren't doing too well, leaving the brunette to clench his jaw. His hands soon clenched into fists.

'Jay…you idiot!' Getting to his feet, he staggered away. "Idiot…why?" Elle looked over at him again. 'Stupid…why did you go in?' He looked back at the fire then stepped back. 'Why, J-'


Aforementioned looked over at the redhead. He stepped back afterwards prior to turning on his heels and sprinting away.

Getting to the parking lot, he spotted his car and got in before it donned on him that the door had already been unlocked. Looking in the mirror then the back seat, he sighed his temporary relief prior to putting his key in the ignition

A question mark appeared over his head when the engine didn't turn over. Trying gain, he got the same results before the engine light cut on.

"Dammit," he groused. 'I don't have time for this!'

Popping the hood, he got out and pulled the front up. Guessing he was tired and stressed beyond belief, he rubbed his eyes before doing a double take. When the sight failed to change, he grit his teeth as his face reddened.

His engine was gone.

Hearing a distant yet somehow close laugh, Kay whirled around in search of the source, only stopping when he heard the ambulance speeding off.

"Kaylen!" The scientist watched bright red and blue lights fade before hearing his name again. "Neroma!" Looking over his shoulder, Kay saw Elle pushing open the passenger door to her car. "Get in." Violet eyes looked at the building still billowing smoke. "Kay, get in." Laughing then had both of them looking around while the man clenched his hands at his sides. "Kay, don't do anything stupid."

"Just go home, Harukana," he said before heading towards the end of the lot.

"Kay, Bertice is headed to the hospital," she informed, watching as the other stopped at the new information. "His windpipe is pretty damaged and he has some internal and external bruising but they're going to take care of him; he's going to be ok." The man looked elsewhere. "Kay, come with me to the hospital." He looked at her again when the police pulled up to the smoking building.

"Just great…"

Getting out of her car, she turned it off and walked over to him, placing them in his hands. "Go to the hospital, Neroma," she said, "and hurry up unless you want to stay with me to answer questions. Kay glanced at the squad cars then at the keys. "Just go and stop wasting time!" she shouted, jogging towards the police that had started to question the bewildered scientists. "And, Kay?"

He stopped just as he was about to get in the vehicle. "Yeah?"

"Bring my car back in one piece or you're dead!" she called before finally making it to the cops.

Starting up the car, he sped off not knowing who was scarier; the psychotic PDA or the hazel-eyed redhead.