I see you,
Brother of the Rain
Remains of your heritage
Running down your face
In and around the glowing,
Sparking anger and fright in your eyes
The aftershock runs through your heart
The world is thrown off kilter
As you gamble with the words:
Or Flight?

You stand boldly
After what seems forever
Cursing the Sun
Father of Fire
The predictable father of Light and Life
For lightening your hair,
Chapping your skin,
Making your blood boil
Feel the pressure.
You hear in your head
Calls of "strange"
From those who think they know
The children of the Sun

But I know how you are
You too recede to shelters of Clouds
Where the tears of a sympathetic Heaven
Embrace and call you their own
Their only
Bring to life that which was gone
Bring salvation to those that are lost
Bring love to those without hope
Nurture what's left in the dirt

Here is where we belong
We remember
We are also children of the Rain
The Mother,
And the cradle of the Earth
We see the warmth and beauty
In what others perceive as cold,
And fiercely secluded.

So fear not,
Hide no more, my Brother,
This drought can never last
For I can smell her
I can feel her
All the Earth waits for her love
With that united first breath we prepare
The skies will darken,
The winds will shift,
The Rain will come again.