I cried through it.

I can cry out of it.

If I can walk away

why can't I run away?

I am to scared to move

to scared to think about what's next

to scared to Look at what you are going to do.

The pressure just hurts.

I can't get over you

I need to though

But you are so addicting

I love you

But I have to say I loved you

I cant stand being away

but I have to stay away or I know I will get hurt again.

I can't be hurt again

Not again...

It's To painful to go through twice.

But little did I know I did.

More then twice, More then three times

I went through It for all the years I was with you

All the years I went along with what you did.

I can't stand to be alone

but I would rather be alone then be with you

I can't stand you

I can't stand your love

or your voice.

I wish you would get out of my head!

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God Bless!