My Name is Jack


My name echoes down

The cold English fog

Do you know me?

I've watched you.

I've stalked you.

But you'll never know.

In your shadows

I hide all secrets.

All I given are blood written letters.

Before you get bitten

By my pain numbing clippers

People may know me as The Ripper.

Why do I do what I do?

This lifestyle is what I've

Done all my life

Just like I've sharpen my knife in the night.

I've watched you

I've stalked you

But you never knew

If you'll be the next clue.

Why I take your heart

Because you took mine

Like a card at a night show

Where you became my next foe.

I use my card of spades

As my blade to cute into

Your soul to make a hole.

My name is Jack

But you now know me as

Jack the Ripper.