I am scared of him

His words

His hits

His glares

He watches me

I can hear him,

through the walls.

Put the bottle down.

Throw the empty ones away.

Show me you love me...

Now with words like knifes

Dad. Please don't shut me out.

I am still your little girl.

You said that you love me.

But you don't really care.

The bottle dad,

Please put it down.

You get so mean,

When they are around.

Your hands like fire.

Dad they hurt.

Why did you choose to hurt me so?

Does it satisfy you when you can't let go?

What about when I can't move?

Pinned to the floor

Hopeless too.

What about my silent cries?

I hope you see

That what you do is affecting me.

Not just you.

Your hate can prove your senseless game..

The bruises can show my helpless pain.

Show me you care..

Please dad.

I want to let go..

But I can't seem to find the strength to...

Umm I wrote this a while a go.. sorry for the horrible poem. R&R

God Bless you all.