Koyuri Kanassa- Male, 17 years old
Ayumi (Last name unavailable) - Female, (Age unknown) presumably 16


It started when I saw this girl.

Her hair was a mess and she had blood all over her. She didn't act as though she was hurt though. As I got closer, I noticed that her left eye was swollen shut and her leg had a long, deep cut running down it. I had stopped walking and when she walked past me and I grabbed her arm. I pulled her back gently. She looked up at me with big green eyes. She had no expression and she didn't say a word.

"Do you need any help?" I asked.

She just stared at me. A fire truck's siren started from down the street and passed us. I looked back at the girl. She was covering her ears and she looked like she was in pain.

"Uh… you don't have to be afraid… it was just a fire truck. Why don't you come with me and we can clean you up and bandage your leg."

She put her hands down and stared at me again. Her head cocked to the side slightly.

I sighed and took her hand, "Come on," I said and led her away.


I took her to my Uncle Jack's bar. He has a room in the back with all kinds of first aid stuff I can use. I would've taken her to my house, but it's too far to walk and her leg looks pretty bad. We walked inside and through the bar, dodging the occasional chair, table, and flailing drunkard. When we passed the long, black, bar, someone grabbed the girls arm and was attempting to flirt with her. But he was slurring his speech and you couldn't understand a word he said. The girl was glaring at him with a steady, hate-filled glare. I was about to intervene when suddenly the guy started coughing and fell to the floor. I felt my brows furrow in confusion. The girl looked back at me and smiled. I took her hand again and led her to the back room. Maybe someone will call nine-one-one for the old drunk.

I opened the door; the girl looked around and gasped. She ran over to the leather sofa. She put out her hand and touched it. She immediately drew back and examined her hand. She looked back at the sofa and touched it again. This time she let her hand linger over the worn material. She walked in front of it and stared some more. She then sat down slowly. She looked around the room more, the TV finally caught her eye and she gazed at it. She looked at me and pointed to the TV.

"Do you want me to turn it on?" I asked.

She looked confused and continued pointing to the television.

I handed her the remote. Again with her staring. She pressed one of the buttons and smiled. She started pressing all of the buttons and laughing.

Ok then…

The TV turned on and she jumped. She looked over to it, with wide, startled eyes.

"Oooo!" She said and watched the static-y channel.

I walked over and sat next to her. I took the remote from her gently, "Here," I said and changed it to the news channel.

Her eyes looked like they were going to explode. She observed the screen closely. A news story came on about a recent murder.

Dang that was close to here… it said the owner of the house had been killed, but two of his kids were never found, even though they were there during the murder. They are the number one suspects now. It showed a picture of the deceased man.

The girl gasped again and I looked over to her. She looked like she was going to cry. "Daddy." She whispered, pointing to the screen.

I looked back to the screen and two more pictures were on the screen. The pictures of the missing children. The picture on the left was of the girl sitting right here beside me.

I felt odd for a few minutes, almost numb. What have I gotten myself into? Have I just invited a murderer into my house?