By: Charity Talbot

I run through the forest, unaware of why I was running and from whom. I could feel my heart pound out a beat along with the sound of my bare feet treading on the grassy ground. My breath grew ragged as the distance I covered increased. "Sam..." I heard my name being called. The voice sounded so distant, in a way disconnected. Who was calling for me? Where were they? A thousand questions ran through my mind as I continued to run. "Sam..." This time the voice sounded closer when a hand grasped my shoulder causing me to jump.

As I started to come to, the forest disappeared and I slowly opened my eyes. I blinked a couple times trying to get used to the brightness.

"Sam." I shifted so that I could look over at the person saying my name. I looked over to see my friend and roommate, Anna. We've been friends for most of our lives and roommates since college. She leaned over me and smiled. The sunlight streaming through the window lit up her golden blonde hair. She was already dressed and ready to go.

"Sam, wake up." She said as she nudged my shoulder again. "The taxi is going to be here soon to take us to the airport."

"Okay." I mumbled closing my eyes. "Give me five more minutes."

"Sam!" she chuckled. She nudged my shoulder repeatedly until I had no choice to get up.

"Okay, Okay! I'm up!" I surrendered. I sat up and rubbed the leftover sleep that clung to my eyes.

"Now hurry up! If you want to get some coffee before we go, you need to get up now."

As I stood up to stretch she walked back out into the hallway towards the kitchen. The wooden floors were cold on my bare feet as I tiptoed over to my closet to pick out some clothes. Within a few minutes, I was fully dressed and ready to go. We had just finished our coffee when the taxi pulled up. We grabbed our luggage and left the apartment.

After boarding the plane, the flight attendant went through the safety procedures. I started to space out when Anna nudged my arm. "Can you believe it?" She grinned. "For once in three years, we finally get to go on vacation!" I smiled as her face lit up with excitement.

As soon as we were in flight, I fell asleep for a little while. Suddenly I was awakened when the plane jerked violently. My eyes snapped open and I looked around. Other passengers looked around alarmed but soon went back to what they were doing. It may have been nothing but for some reason I had this nagging feeling something was wrong. I shrugged it off and reclosed my eyes when there was yet another shake. This time it was bigger than the last. We heard the other passengers' confused whispers all around us.

"What's going on?" I turned to look into Anna's worried eyes. On the inside my heart was beating quickly. I was just as scared as everyone else.

"I don't know." I replied. She looked around nervously, gripping the arms over her seat so her knuckles turned white. With another violent shake, the sounds of scared children could be heard. Their mothers tried desperately to calm them down but it was no use. They were just as scared as their children. The flight attendant then came onto the intercom. She failed to keep her voice from shaking as she spoke.

"Attention: Everyone please remain calm. We are currently having technical difficulties. The pilots are currently trying everything they can to get everything under control. Until further notice, we would like for everyone to put their seatbelts on."

I struggled with my seatbelt for a few moments before finally getting it on. I looked over at Anna as she wept quietly to herself as she looked out the window in horror.

"Anna. What's wrong?" I asked concern laced in my tone. She turned her tear streaked face towards me and what she said made me even more nervous.

"We're losing altitude." She replied. Her voice was just a little louder than a whisper. I was about to respond when the plane shook once more sending me forward. My forehead made contact with the hard plastic of the seat in front of me. I glanced out the window and could see that Anna was right. We were losing altitude and fast. A little ways down the aisle a child sat while their mother called for them. The child just sat their crying as if frozen with fear. I knew that we would crash and I looked back and forth between the mother and child. Quickly, I unbuckled myself from my seat and got into the aisle.

"Ma'am!" The flight attendant called from her seat. "Please sit down and put your seatbelt on!"

I ignored her as I cautiously made my way towards the child. The plane jerked causing me to fall. I heard gasps from the other passengers. My side hit the chairs but I continued to crawl. I grabbed the child and slowly made my way back towards the mother. The plane continued to shake but I finally made it. I handed the child to her and waited while the she smothered her child in kisses as the tears flowed down her cheeks. She mouthed a thank you to me and quickly got her child back in their seat. I nodded in response and turned to start crawling back to my seat. The plane moved again and my head made contact with the metal part of the chair causing everything to go black. The scream of terror and the noise of children crying started to fade as I slipped into a state of unconsciousness.

I groaned as I started to open my eyes. I winced at the throbbing in my head as I tried to push myself. Painfully, I managed to crawl out into the aisle and collapsed. The plane was dark with some of the lights overhead flickering here and there. Everything was silent excluding the sound of dripping water. The floor was soaking wet no matter where I touch. I have to get out of here. I thought to myself. I looked around me and tried to look for any sort of exit. I felt my way around until I could feel the outline on a door. I struggled to my feet and felt around for a handle. It took a couple minutes but I finally found it and used all my strength to push it open. The bright sunlight blinded me making me trip and fall into the water. I sat in the water as I waited for my eyes to adjust before looking around. I crawled to the shore and collapsed again in the sand. I took a couple deep breathes as it all came back to me. The plane, the violent shakes, losing altitude. Thinking of the crash I remembered about Anna. I picked myself back up and ran back towards the water into the crushed plane. My foot hit something as I stepped inside and I picked it up and found it was a flashlight. I click the button and it turned on. I scanned the plane looking for my friend. Grief ate at me as I saw all the men women and children bent over lifeless. I continued on my way until I found her. The tears started to form as I walked over to her. I unbuckled her seatbelt and stuck the flashlight in my pocket. Using what was last of my strength; I picked her up and carried her to the door. Blinking in the sunlight, I carried her over to the shore where I carefully set her down. I felt for a pulse even though I knew the truth. The tears started to fall as I felt her cold, clammy skin.

"Anna." I whispered, knowing she couldn't hear me. "Anna, please wake up." I continued to plead but it was no use. Anna was gone. I picked her up and cradled her crying until I couldn't cry anymore. My best friend was gone. I sat there for what seemed like hours grieving over my friend. I'm the only survivor.

Suddenly, I heard a small noise come from the wreckage. Gently I set Anna's lifeless body down and cautiously stood up. Were there more survivors? I slowly made my way to the door and peeked in.

"Hello?" I called. I heard something but not a real answer. I took the flashlight out of my pocket and slipped inside. I walked down the aisle searching for movement. Finally I heard a muffled voice say something from further back. "Hello?" I called walking toward the sound.

"Help!" This time I heard it and quickly made my way to where a man had his arm pinned by some metal piece that had broken off in the crash. Setting the flashlight down I was able to lift the piece just long enough for him to move his arm and get out of the way. He held his arm cringing in pain as I looked around for a first aid kit. Finding one, I take a mental note where it's located and help the man to his feet. I help him towards the exit and get him safely to shore. He collapses out on the sand, cradling his arm. Now in the light I took a chance to get a good look at my fellow survivor. His black 'Drug Free' shirt was torn here and there along with his jeans. Both his arms were covered in sleeve tattoos and his lower lip was pierced on the left side. His short brown hair and facial hair had little bits of sand in them from lying on the beach. His breaths came in little bursts as he fought with the pain in his arm.

"I'll be right back." He nodded in response and I quickly ran back inside to retrieve the first aid kit. I quickly tried to recall everything I knew from the medical books I read. I'm not a doctor but luckily I have a knack for reading medical book. I never knew that all that reading I've done would ever be used.

I sat down next to him and looked at his arm. After checking it out I concluded that it was broken. I rummaged through the medical kit and made him a makeshift cast.

"So what's your name?" I asked as started to make a sling.

"Phil. My name is Phil Brooks." He replied wincing as he attempted to move his hand. "You?"

"Sam. Sam Voss."

"It's nice to meet you Sam. Thank you for helping me out." I nodded in response as I finished adjusting the sling. He looked over at Anna and frowned. "Who is that?"

I tried to hold the tears back as I looked at her corpse lying on the sand. "That's my best friend, Anna. " He looked down for a moment before giving me a sympathetic glance. "I'm very sorry for your loss."

We built a shelter and lived off what we could find for two months. After making a distress smoke signal every day, somebody finally saw and sent a helicopter. We were given medical attention and finally sent home. I dragged my feet as I climbed the steps alone. I took out my key and unlocked the door and turned the handle. Everything looked the same, smelled the same but I knew it would never be the same without Anna. I set my keys on the table and walked down the hall and stopped at the room right before mine; Anna's room. My bottom lip quivered and my hand started to shake as I turned the handle. I pushed it open and looked around the room. Her books, bed, clothes, and other belongings just sat there. They sat waiting for their owner that would never come back. I can my hand over the neatly made bed and let the tears spill down my cheeks. I curled up on the bed and just cried in remembrance of my friend.