The Silent Solstice

Chapter 1: After the Storm (Kyri)

"Some sleepover party, right Kyri?" Lilly whispers, sniffling.

"Yeah," I agree bitterly. "Sure is.

Thunder cracks the sky open in a blinding flash and the thunder rumbles right after it.

The lights stutter and go black, leaving us with only each other for comfort.

All we can hear is the rain pounding against every surface, panging off every window. Only the sound of the ticking grandfather clock seems to be heard over the rain and it's as terrifying as any lightning or thunder.

Because it symbolizes how close our friendship is to coming to an end.

My father started working for Seplica Science about six years ago. They paid him to have our family (A.K.A. Him, my mute of a mother, and myself) move over here to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where sports and farming were the main ways of life that everyone lived by.

They also had me relocate to one of their private schools in the area.

Which is where it all began that fateful day.


"So Kyri…" Lilly says with a sigh, "What're we gonna do?"

I stab at my pudding without mercy, fuming silently. "We're moving, Lilly. Not much I can do."

"There has to be something," She says meekly. "I don't want to lose my best friend…"

And by best friend she means me, Kyri Floyd, the girl who never says a word and sits in the back of the class, doodling on my desk.

In truth, she's my only friend. The only one I'd ever had over my years here, but then I never really needed another friend when I had her.

And when my father told me he was being transferred to the California labs next month, it meant I'd have to leave her behind.

That was the last thing I wanted.

"Do you know what were doing in Art today?" I ask her, wanting to get off this rather depressing topic.

She shakes her head, obviously catching that I didn't want to talk about moving right now. "No idea. Mrs. Keats said we might be critiquing I think, but I'm not sure."

I groan. "There's no way I'll finish my watercolor in time to—."

I scowl at the freshman that had taken a seat next to me.

"What do you want?" I say, continuing to murder my pudding.

The blonde haired boy grins crookedly. "Hey there, pretty lady."

I ignore him, eyes narrowing as I stare down at the table.

"So, I hear you are quite the artist, my dear." He says conversationally. I glare up at him, trying not to get lost in his brilliant ocean blue eyes.

"I have a name you know." I spit out angrily.

"Ummm," Lilly starts slowly. "You might want to get out of here….she's not in a good mood today."

The boy perks up. "really? Well, I can cheer her right up!" He sticks his hand out to me and smiles even more. "I am Randy Costello. But you can call me Sugar Lips." Randy makes a kissy face. "Kiss me and you'll find out, cupcake."

"Cupcake?" I hiss. I can't stand anymore. This stupid freshy is beyond annoying. I don't even know the kid longer than five minutes and here he is telling me to kiss him and call him sugar lips?

Without thinking I pick over my pudding and turn it upside down over his head and dropping it on him like a hat.

Chocolate pudding drips down his face and he freezes, knowing he had gone a little too far with me.

And he just laughs, running his fingers through his now slimy brown hair, trying to get the pudding out.

"Well," He continues laughing as if I'd told him the funniest joke in the world. "I'm going to go wash my hair."

Randy stands up, still chuckling. "Bye Kyri, bye Lilly." He walks out of the lunchroom, oblivious to all the looks his upperclassmen were giving him. He turns only to wink at me. "See ya later, Lovedove!"

I consider throwing something at him, but refrain from doing so as to keep from wasting more food.

Then I realize something.

"I never told him our names."


HI. This is a co- op between me and my good friend dreamcatcher, which we've been writing together for some time. Tell me what you think!