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Chapter 3: Saving Me from Myself (Kyri)

I can't help but grin as I reach into my bag and Lilly glares at Tony, a kid in my grade.

I hold the wanted pudding up in front of her eyes to gain her attention and Tony now looks pale as he remembers the experience his friend had told him about five minutes ago.

Randy cowers behind Tony and whimpers, "She has pudding…look out."

"Shut it, Bieber!" I snap at him, noticing a moment before that with his hair cut like that (minus the pudding he had mostly washed out) he sort of did look like Justin Bieber, which made him even more annoying by principal.

"What do you want, anyways?" Lilly growls, motioning for me to put the pudding down, but keep it in sight. I set it on the table, and Lilly takes it in one hand threateningly.

"Yeah," I agree. "You're a sophomore like me, so what're you doing hanging out with this creeper of a freshman?"

Tony is indeed a sophomore like I am, but he was always the quite one who sat in the back, never really talking.

Apparently he managed to find a friend.

Apparently he has bad taste.

This freshman however, seems intent on swooning me and making me love him. Like hell if that'll ever happen.

"Well…" Tony squirms uncomfortably. His attention seems to be caught on Lilly and her weapon of mass destruction. "Could someone take that from her?" He asks nervously.

I roll my eyes and take the pudding from her, and Randy proceeds to wail like a scared child, "Noooooo! That's even worse!" He tugs at his hair as he once again takes refuge behind Tony.

Tony plucks the pudding from my hands and chucks it across the room, the only teacher to notice being Mr. Krelow, who continued giving off the impression that he really didn't give a crap as it soared over his head.

He slaps Randy on the back of the head to shut him up and proceeds to say, "Listen." He says quickly and quietly, "There's something about this school that's not right."

"Well," I agree slowly, "The school lunches do have the tendency to crawl."

Randy nods, also seeming to remember that one fateful day at lunch.

"Not that," Tony says, giving an exasperated sigh, "This school. Look around," I do so, seeing pretty much just a bunch of kids finishing their food. "All of these kids didn't just get here. This is a private school. You pay a lot of money to get your kid in here. Either that, or you get a scholarship, or you have connections through family members who work at the lab," He points toward both me and Lilly.

"Take Randy for example."

"Hmm?" The plastic spoon he had stuck to his nose the second before slid away and fell to the floor with a clatter by my feet. He hastily reaches down to grab it and accidentally rests his hand on my thigh, a little too close.

I smack him over the head and hiss at him angrily, "Watch it, perv!"

"He's not smarter than the average weirdo, not rich or paying loads of money to be here." Tony continues, ignoring me as I hit Randy and he apologizes time and time again. "He's here on a scholarship. Of all people in Pennsylvania, they give it to him."

"So…?" I urge, waving my hand to tell him to get to the point.

"He's special."

I glance at Randy, who cowers in fear, holding his head in pain. He flinches when I look at him. "You got that right," I snort.

Tony chuckles and Randy feigns hurt. Lilly just hides her giggles behind her hand.

"Not that kind of special."Tony looks back at Randy, who whimpers like a kicked puppy. "But he could've fooled me," Tony adds, chortling.

"So you're saying he has super powers or something?" Lilly asks, getting us straight back to business.

"Something like that," Tony agrees. "But before we go into detail with this…you need to promise us you won't tell a soul. Not other kids, teachers, or your parents. Got it?" He seems dead serious, and the atmosphere shifts to serious right along with him.

Lilly and I exchange a fleeting look and nod. "We promise," We say in unison.


The bell rang with an almost daunting feeling, like it was our final countdown.

After what Tony told us, it seemed like the levee was a mere moment from bursting open, and Lilly and I were standing right in it's way.

Because according to Tony, we're like them.


"All right," Tony says, letting out a sigh of relief. "We're part of a group... a guild almost, called The Silent Order. Our leader, Skye, is the strongest one among us."

"What does she do?" I ask intently.

"She's like me," Randy informs me simply, "A telepath, someone who can read minds."

I narrow my eyes at him. "So that's how you knew my name,"

He nods, smiling brightly. "Yup! You think really loud too, so don't think I had to dig around through your mind just to find your name."

"Shutup." I tell him, thwapping him upside the head. He howls and once again takes refuge behind Tony, sniffling.

"Anyways..." Tony starts again, giving Randy a shut-up-before-I-hit-you-too look, "As part of this group, our job is to find more kids like us. We've divided into smaller groups of three or four to cover all of the schools Seplica owns along with quite a few others as well."

"Okay, so what's this got to do with us?" says Lilly, getting straight to the point.

Tony smiles. "Well, obviously it's because you're like us."

I snort. "Please don't group me in with that problem child." I say, pointing to Randy. He hangs his head in shame.

"You still love me, don't you Tony?" He whines.

"Yeah, sure, whatever," Tony says, waving him off. Randy shrinks away, mumbling sadly to himself. "You're like us, in the way that you both have abilities normal people don't have."

Tony takes my glasses off my face without even so much as a warning and I yelp, "Hey, I need those!"

Everything is fuzzy and the colors run together, making everything look all weird and disfigured.

"No, you don't." Tony tells me. "Just focus on me."

I squint, hardly able to see much of anything.

"I'll help you," Randy says brightly.

"By doing what?" I say with an annoyed sound.

Almost immediately I can feel a pressure in my head and I squeak in surprise, unable to deduce where it's coming from.

"It's just me," Randy assures me, "Don't worry."

I gulp and wait, my eyes shut tight.

"Okay, try now," Randy suggests.

I open my eyes slowly and look straight at Tony, unsure of what I should see.

My vision is clearer, no doubt about that, but there's definitely something different.

Strands of color float around Tony, thin as spider thread but bright and visible. All of them are different shades of greens and blues. When I look back, more float around Randy too, though the ones around him are deep purples and blues and they are a little thicker, with a bit of a glow to them.

My eyes go wide and I spin around to face Lilly. She has the same spider threads around her too, with those same greens and blues that Tony has.

"What are those?" I ask slowly, my voice cracking a little. "those thread looking things..."

"I haven't seen them myself," Randy says, smiling at my weird 'talent' if you could call it that. "But you're an empath. Those things you see around us are emotions. You can tell how people feel through those threads and reading the patterns and how they act."

"So I'm like a giant mood ring." I say in disbelief.

Tony and Randy can't help but laugh at that one, "Yes," Tony answers with a smirk. "You kind of are."

"But why couldn't I see that with my glasses?" I ask, taking back my glasses. Once I put them back on, the colorful threads disappear.

"Seplica." They both answer simultaneously. Tony continues with a shrug, "I'm guessing your father knows about your ability. Whether he gave you these glasses to block your vision to keep you safe or to keep you in the dark is what we don't know."

'But why would Seplica do that?" Lilly asks, sounding a little mad and confused. "Why does it matter them whether we know we have abilities or not?"

Tony sighs. "Lilly...Seplica isn't just a Science Facility. They don't play by the rules."

"Well then," She demands, "What do I have to do with this? So Kyri can read emotions. What can I do that's so different?"

People start slowly siphoning out of the lunch room as it gets close to time for the bell to ring.

Tony smiles. "I'll talk have to talk to you alone. I can't really divulge secrets with them around." He points his chin toward me and then back at Randy, who just rolls his eyes.

The bell rings now, and people rush to get to class.


"So," I say with a soft sigh as Lilly and I start walking away toward our lockers. "Do you believe any of that?"

She shakes her head, making an frustrated sound and puffs out air angrily, unsure what to sya. "I don't know what to believe." She glances at me. "Did you really see those things? The emotion strings or whatever?"

"They were more like threads," I tell her thoughtfully, "But yeah, I did. They're not lying, that much I can tell... but I still don't know if we can trust them."

"Yo, Lilly!" Tony calls out. "Walk with me!"

"Okay!" Lilly yells back, still not sounding to sure.

"Hey," I grab her arm before just walks away, forcing her to turn to look at me. "Be careful, all right?" I tell her softly.

She smiles and nods. "I will."


By the time I make it down to the music room, the late bell has rung, and I'm swearing as I try to put my combo in for the fourth time.

"Hey beautiful."

I jump and make an undignified sound, accidentally screwing up my combination in the process.

"Dangit, Randy!" I hiss. "Get the hell out of here. I'm already late as it is and you just made me mess up my combo!"

"Sorry," He apologizes, not sounding very sorry. "So..what's wrong with you? You and Lilly sort of just took off."

"Well," I start in a cheerfully artificial voice. "I just learned I'm a freak of nature, so sorry if I'm not all rainbows and sunshine." I finally manage to yank my locker open, and I whack Randy in the face with it unintentionally, though I make no move to apologize.

"I can see how that would put a damper on your day," He says, wincing as he rubbed his head. "Ow..."

"Serves you right," I mutter as I grab my French book. I slam my locker shut loudly.

"What're you doing down here?"

I jump out of my skin for the second time that day, giving an undignified squeak of surprise. "Oh!" I start quickly, "Hi, Mr. Haydn!" I can't ignore how much my voice is quivering. Mr. Haydn is the band director; a short, somewhat chubby African American with glasses. He always gave off this scary aura- I never really liked him. He was intimidating despite his looks.

"My locker just was jammed and I-."

"You should choose better people to hang out with." He cuts me off, glaring at Randy.

"Come on Kyri." Randy says slowly, grabbing my hand and pulling me away from Mr. Haydn.

"Trying to recruit more people now?" The band teacher says with a smirk.

"She has nothing to do with this. Leave her out of it." Randy says acidly.

"Whatever." Haydn shrugs, his smile still in place. He didn't seem worried. He lifts his hand as if to snap and Randy flinches at the movement. "Still need a lesson in manners? Shouldn't talk that way to your superiors."

"You wouldn't." Randy says in a low voice.

Haydn smiles wider and snaps.

Randy gasps crumples to the floor clutching his head as if he'd just gotten whacked by a baseball bat.

"Eeek!" I fall to my knees next to him, wondering what the hell just happened. "Are you okay?" I ask quickly. Taking my glasses off and focusing again I glance back at Mr. Haydn. The emotion tangled around him consists of mostly grayish blue black and blood red. Anger? Confidence? I don't know what they're supposed to mean.

When I look back down at Randy he still has his eyes screwed shut and he's breathing in little gasps.

"Hey, what's wrong? What did he do?" I ask again softly.

Randy opens one eye just enough to look at me pitifully. His blue eyes are dull and foggy as if he's drunk.

"He's...gone. Right?" He asks hopefully.

I look back up and- he's right. The band director is nowhere to be seen.

"Yeah." I assure him. "He's gone, but wait-"

Randy struggles to his feet again still rubbing at his temples. He tilts dangerously to his left, and I have to grab his shoulder to keep him from tipping over.

"Wait, what just happened?" I ask again.

"Mr. Haydn is one of them... A bad guy...here to keep us in line in case..we try anything."

"But what did he just do? You crumpled like he shot you or something." I say, a little worried.

Wait a minute...worried about this creep of a freshman?

...maybe Mr. Haydn did something to me too...

Randy shakes his head- a bad idea. He drifts toward the right and I have to keep him from falling again.

"He's like us- different...his power is like mine except on a destructive level only. He can basically tear apart my mind and stick back together again in a second... no harm done as long as he puts it all back...just hurts like hell..." He winces, as if just remembering the pain is enough to make his head throb again. "I usually get a migraine for a week after too..."

He shakes me off as I stare at him, my mouth wide open.

I can't even move as I stare after him. Then he drifts again to the side and just sort of falls over, falling like a sack of potatoes.

"Are you coming or not?" He says weakly from where he fell, seeming unable to get up.

"Coming where?" I finally get unstuck and hurry over to help him get back on his feet.

"Locker 888."

"What's there?" I ask cautiously.

Even through his pain he still manages a dazzling smile that makes my heart beat faster. "The Silent Order's clubroom, basically."

"Okay." I say slowly. "Lead the way gimpy."


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