I just wanted you to know,

That I am with you where ever you go.

I know my heart has stopped the pulsing,

But, my dear friend, I want you to know you are not what was causing,

All of the pain I felt inside.

Because I always wanted to hide,

Means that I was better off if I died.

We had this dream that we would grow old

But I felt it was better off if the stories were untold.

I know that I caused you such great pain,

Cutting down to my very veins.

I had time to realize,

That life wasn't on my side.

I just wish that I had the chance,

To give you one last dance.

Now that I am gone,

I hope you remember that my love for you will continue on 3

I hope you guys like it. Its a sad poem, I think. But its really dear to me.

Thank you guys for reading