The Predator


Harry was quite pleased with himself.

He had been using the Internet for some time, but had made finding girls a much easier project.

His latest girl had been used up a week ago, but he had already arranged to meet a new one.

He looked down from the balcony on the Mall Food Court. Such a lovely invention. A fine place just to watch sweet young teens, he'd met several of his girls in Malls. The girls felt a false sense of security, which had made his task ever so much easier.

This latest one had agreed to meet him here, away from friends and parents.

He had been here for almost two hours, watching for a trap. He had almost been caught a few times, but he had spotted the hah! - Undercover cops both times.

He had spotted the girl about an hour ago. Such a sweet young thing! A cute little blonde with a heart shaped face and a tight little body. He felt a rush of hormones just looking at her, dressed in a little plaid skirt and a white blouse. He thought about the body underneath those clothes and how much he was going to enjoy her.

She was reading a teen magazine when he walked over and sat down.

"Hi, I'm Jim" he said. "Are you Sally?"

She smiled a dazzling smile of perfect teeth. "Goodness, Jim, you look so much nicer than in your picture." She put down her magazine. "I was afraid maybe you had decided not to show up."

He suggested lunch and they got Chinese. It was a simple matter to get the drug powder into her soda.

They ate, and took a walk through the mall, window-shopping. The drug took a while to take effect. He actually wound up buying her some frilly lingerie and a dress at one of the boutiques. It wasn't a bad investment, though, he figured. She would look good wearing the lingerie and full bondage rig.

He couldn't keep the smile off his face as she chattered on.

The drug finally started to hit after about 90 minutes. She started to feel dizzy and he suggested they go his car.

She laid down in the back of his SUV and promptly passed out.

This was the tricky part. If the drug wore off on the drive home, she might cause trouble. He reached under the seat and retrieved the restraints. Securely trussed and gagged, he laid her on the floor of the back seat and covered her with a blanket.

Nobody challenged him. The 200-mile ride home was uneventful. As he made the last turn into his driveway, he admired the full moon, round and beautiful, rising over the treetops into a nearly cloudless, starry sky.

He pulled into the garage and dropped the door. Sally was still dead to the world as he pulled her out of the SUV and took her down to her new home.

He had a private room for his little guest. A casual visitor to his basement – not that there were many! – Would probably never notice the false wall. Behind it, he had built his own little dungeon, with implements of discipline for his spoiled little teen queen guests.

He stripped her naked and strapped her to a special table he'd built. He was disappointed, but not surprised to find that the 12-year-old was not a virgin. He enjoyed fondling her strong, firm body. She was well nourished and in good condition. He expected her to be good for several months, maybe even a year.

He saw her eyes slip open as he fastened the leg restraints. He always loved this moment, as the girl came awake and realized the terror of her situation. Objectively, he'd realized that he was a pedophile not because of the sex, but because he loved the dominance and control. He really enjoyed the quivering terror and futile, tearful pleading of his victims as he played out his perverted fantasies.

He was oddly disappointed today. Sally looked straight at him. It was hard to tell, because of the gag, but he would have sworn she grinned at him.

Then, it was like a bad horror movie. Her almost hairless body suddenly began to sprout hair. It was like watching time-lapse photography. Then, when she was almost completely covered in fur, her body began to -change. The hands and feet shrunk and the limbs shortened. She slipped out of the restraints and rolled over on all fours.

Instead of the tearful little blonde bitch, he was suddenly looking a real bitch – 90 pounds of female wolf. The wolf bared her fangs and raised her ruff.

He had been in the process of removing his pants. His raging hard-on had gone flat. Worse, he dimly realized that he'd pissed himself.

If he'd been capable of rational thought, he might have wondered at the wolf's attack. Instead of going for his throat, she jumped off the torture table. He had the most excruciating pain of his life as her strong jaws bit off his flaccid manhood.

Harry fell back on the floor. The wolf stepped on his chest and dropped his severed testicles into his screaming mouth. He writhed on the floor, screaming at the top of his lungs. The wolf sat back on her haunches, laughing at the would-be predator. As he started to run low on blood, she stepped forward and bit open his belly.

Now the pain had risen far beyond what Harry could handle. He screamed for the rest of his life, the few seconds of it, as the she-wolf bit chunks out of his liver. He finally died, but she continued to feed until her belly was full. The she laid down next to the corpse and took a nap.


Sally woke from her nap and shifted back to her preferred form – to all appearances, a 90-pound twenty-something woman. A blood stained and naked woman, of course, but that was easily remedied. The door opened easily from this side. She left it open, so the police would be able to find him.

She went upstairs and took a shower. She put on the new dress and undertakings Harry had so thoughtfully purchased for her, and proceeded to toss the place. Even in her human form, she had extra powerful senses.

She found all of Harry's hiding places.

Like many of the more cunning perverts, Harry had considered the fact that he might have to leave town on short notice. She figured that, since Harry had no more need of it, she'd put the Gold and diamonds to good use.

She also found Harry's Trophies. She sighed. She couldn't do anything to help those missing girls, but at least the horrible photo albums and the pathetic trophies might bring some measure of closure to the families.

By this time, it was about two o'clock in the morning. She loaded all the booty into Harry's SUV, and drove into the night. About a mile away, she found a convenience store with a video surveillance camera. She parked the SUV on the street and bought some high calorie goodies.

Stepping outside, she modified her face and voice box to "Sally's" voice and appearance. She dialed 911. "There is a very bad man in the basement at 754 Jasper Street in Green Mills." She said. "He likes to hurt little girls. He won't hurt anybody anymore. The front door is open."

The officer began to sputter. "Where are you? How are you? Do you need – " Sally had no idea what the 911 operator thought she might need, because she hung up then.

Sally ate two more donuts and finished off the first Big Gulp. Transforming, even small transformations took energy. For lycanthropes, that usually meant food calories. The raw sugar in modern junk food was just the thing for a hungry werewolf.

Two toughs tried to accost her on the way back to the SUV. "Hey, little Lady." Slurred one. "You must be lost." He said. "This ain't no place for a nice lady to be wandering at this time of night,"

The other put his hand on he shoulder. "Let's show you a nice safe place to go."

She immediately dubbed the two as Ape and Monkey. Sally was mostly upset because he made her spill the rest of the Big Gulp. "Fricking idiot." She growled. Even in her human form, she had strength far beyond that of a Normal Human. She easily twisted out of Ape's grip and gripping his hand, stuck her foot in his armpit and popped it out of the socket.

Monkey gaped as she pulled her right foot from Ape's armpit, put it on the ground as a pivot and neatly used her left foot to apply a roundhouse kick to his right temple. He collapsed like a pole-axed steer and laid quietly next to the screaming Ape. Sally kicked Ape in the temple to quiet him down, also.

After relieving the two of their watches and wallets, She left the two lying on the sidewalk and drove off into the night.

"Not a bad night for a predator." She thought to herself, as she drove in the light of the full moon. "Not a bad night at all."