I Will Return

STANDARD DISCLAIMER: THIS THREAD IS RATED R FOR EXTREME VIOLENCE, A BIT OF FOUL LANGUAGE, and SEXUAL INNUENDO. None of it is gratuitous, it's all appropriate for context, but, you have been warned.

This is a work of fiction and is copyrighted to the author. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead is coincidental and not intended by the author.

Chapter 1 Life is Good

"Only a few months now, honey." I told my wife. "Another two months and I am back out here for good."

Lucy was crying, but she was smiling. "I know" she said, "but it just seems so impossible that it will finally happen."

I grinned. "Baby, I'd claw my way out of Hell to be with you." I kissed her and headed into security.

I showed my ID and boarding pass, took off my shoes and belt, all the little indignities we go through to fly anymore. They checked my carry on, scanned my computer, all the usual stuff.

It was the usual routine, same thing I'd been going through for most of my adult life. I amused myself by imagining how I would get weapons and explosives through the "Thumb-Suckers Association." If you get the idea that I'm no fan of the Transportation Safety Authority, you'd be right.

A decade in the Intelligence World, Tactical Deception, and training baggage/cargo inspectors for the Air Force had shown me all sorts of dirty tricks.

Maybe it's just sour grapes. After I retired from the Air Force, I put in for a job with the TSA. They told me that I was not qualified for a position in the TSA. Yeah, right. I –literally- wrote the book on IED's. Well, OK, a chapter, but look up the list of contributing authors in the Joint Publication. You'll see my name in the section on field-expedient explosives.

But I kept my thoughts to myself. After all, these flunkeys were just folks making a living, and if they weren't terribly well trained or motivated, well, so what. A lot of them are "respect mah auth-or-it-ee" types, so I just let it slide.

I had more important things to do. After two divorces, I was finally married to a wonderful woman, my absolute ideal in life. I had a good job, just north of Sacramento, doing something I loved, with the woman of my dreams by my side.

All I had to do was finish out my contract in Buffalo, finalize the sale of my house, and drive a moving van back to California.

Life was good.