Finally, U.N. forces, among others, penetrated the borders of Quadratus and made the Rüfner regime either solve the problem or step down. The radiation leak was stopped twenty-two days after the explosion had occurred. Then the cloud continued on its way, coming dangerously close to New York City, and finally dispersing somewhere over the Atlantic three months later. There was much contamination, and a total of 5000 people from all four nations combined dead that needed to be buried. But the most important thing to do was rebuild and clean up. Fortunately, the radiation proved to have a relatively short half-life, and would not be harmful for long.

The cleanup efforts were exhaustive, making sure to scrub away ever contaminant that could be.

One year had passed since that night Mr. Breichenhoff was called by Mr. Jasper and informed of the radiation cloud that had appeared over Lake Superior. Quadratus and Rüfner were in deep trouble and Rüfner nearly lost his position. The U.S. had suffered a tragic loss in space accident during launch since the disaster. Little had changed for Orb.

"Sockittome baby, I'm in the mood." John said to his wife. Then the phone rang…