it feels as though the trees are singing

gazing toward the pillars of the brown ashes

that lay beside them

as the moon feeds on

the oceans encouragements

capturing its push and pull

while under the cliffs and stone

thy cuts of moral space

never again ...

A glimpse of the past

where I lay in a peaceful state

the trees hum a melody of two

"ohh come back

come back where i first

saw the melody sing to the stars,

when hearing thy words

of tranquility

motionless you stayed and prayed".

Once more

it feels as though the sky is shifting

the sun glimmers

beside the waters

reflections of transformation

attends the rehearsal

of the meeting that is to come

At the end

under our temptation

redemption is heard

under the sand

the sea caries its fame

leaving nothing more

but dirt that creates a bruise

when prodding around

with emptiness in its hands

I will finish with thy words

tis the day we await

kiss its eyes

for it does not see the beauty

overcoming ones heart

its unexpected motivation

carries our dreams to the the sea

whispering two of the same melodies

that eloped from the trees

and came to the reality

of dreams.