Returning Home

Chapter one

"Whatcha doing?" Clarabelle, my daughter, asked.

I grinned. "I am getting finished with the case, so we can go home and see Uncle Mike and Auntie T and have dinner."

She walked to me and sat her little butt on my lap. We stayed in my office for a few more minutes until I successfully finished the case work. We walked to the car and during the car ride home, my mother called. I had Clara answer the phone and she was happy to conform it was my mother. Then, she said my mother wanted to talk to me, so she handed me the phone.

"Hello, Mom."

"Charlotte Renée Hale, come home, now," my mother demanded. "I want to see my granddaughter, but I can't because you live almost three hundred or so miles away from me and I have only met my granddaughter once a long time ago, when she was three. I didn't even know about her until she was two, so I think I deserve to see my granddaughter in this house in Jay Clouds, Virginia because I can't afford a plane ticket and…"

I interrupted her. "Fine, Mother. Fine, but I don't want anyone knowing I am there."

"I know, I know…, but I still want to see my Clara."

I chuckled. "Yeah, yeah…" Then, Mom hung up.

"Mommy what did Granny want?" she asked.

"Granny wanted to know if we can come see her," I said. "We are going to see Granny for a little while."

"Yay," she squealed.

I grinned before thinking about the last time I was there. I left pregnant with somebody I don't even knows child. I was in love with my sister's boyfriend and worst of all he was in love with her.

I was raped the same night my sister, Luna, was taken to the hospital of an overdose. I was walking home after confessing my stupid love to her boyfriend, Carter, and I was rape at the party. I was still on the owner's yard, so I say it was still at the party. He was blonde and had brown eyes, but that was all I saw from him. The man was tall and bulky and really, really strong. The sad thing is Clara inherited that from her father. My baby is blonde and has a mixed between my green eyes and her father's brown eyes, but I have no clue how. She looks exactly like me and I colored my hair to be the color of hers.

We got home and she started pack. I helped her because all she was packing was her dolls and if she did that what would she wear. Clara looked cute dragging her suitcase to our car and I couldn't help, but laugh as I put my own suitcase in the back of our convertible. I was driving to my mother's house and I started feeling self-conscious half way there because last time I was there, most of the town had old beat up cars or trucks. I have a convertible and I was going to stick out like a sore thumb.

I would look up into her green-brown orbs every now and then and she would be staring back. Her blonde curls lay gently on her shoulders as she yacked on and on about some boy who said he liked her. She was a little too young to talk about boys, but right now I will let it slide because she was my baby and I liked to hear her little stories about whatever she will talk about.

"Mommy, do I have a daddy?" she asked.

"Yes, everyone has a daddy," I said.

"Where is my daddy?"

"Your daddy is away right now, baby," I replied.

"Oh," she said. "Will I ever see him?"

"Maybe, Clarabelle," I whispered. "Maybe."

"Finally, you two get here…What did you do to your hair?" Mom asked as she walked onto the porch.

"Dyed it to match Clara's hair, Mom," I said.

Mom squatted to Clara's level as Clara ran to her. Clara had a grin on her face and Mom was squishing Clara to her as they hugged.

"Hi, hi, Granny."

"Hello, Clara, sweetie." Mom smiled. "I have some cookies in the kitchen, if you want any."

Clara's grin grew bigger as she proceeded inside to the kitchen. Mom stood on the porch with her arms crossed as she watched me get Clara and my suitcases out of the back.

"She asked about her father, Mom. I told her he was away because I didn't know what else to say. She thinks he is going to come back and be with her," I said.

"What else could you tell her? Her father is a monster and should be in jail for raping you, if only we knew who he was," Mom growled.

I tell my mother everything. Even after my father and she divorced; we have always been close, but she was closer to my sister, Luna.

My parents divorced for no reason. They were in love, but my brother, Henry, died in Iraq years ago and they divorced. My parents are slowly getting back together. Yet, I don't even know if my father knows about Clara or not.

"Luna is pregnant," Mom said. "With Shane's child. She thinks her baby is my first grandchild because you won't let me tell her about my real first grandbaby."

"What happened to her and Carter?" I asked.

"Um…I don't really know, Charlotte."

She knew something. She and Carter are close, but only because he was over here a lot to play with me, when we were younger even though he was two years older than I am.

"Oh…" I said.

I walked into the house as Clara come running towards me. Her eyes were widened and she had a half-eaten cookie in her other hand. Her arms wrapped around my leg as Mom and I stared at her.

"Clara, what is it?" Mom asked.

"Granny, there is a big scary man on the couch," she replied as a figure come into the dark hall from the living room.

I glanced up at the figure as Mom shook her head. "Richard, Jesus, you gave our granddaughter a heart attack."

"Granddaughter?" Dad asked.

"Hello, handsome," I said as the light flipped on in the hall.

"Charlotte," Dad gasped. And…" He pointed his finger down at Clara in shock.

"Clara, get off me," I uttered and she did before staring up at my father.

"You are tall," Clara stated. "Mommy, who is he?"

"Your grandpa," I said.

"Charlotte…" Dad started, but had to think about what he was about to say. "Charlee, what did you do? Why am I just now learning that I have a granddaughter?"

"Umm…." I didn't know what to say, but I was surprised to for happened next.

"I forgot tell you, sweetie," Mom uttered. "I am sorry."

"How long have you known?" Dad pointed his finger at Mom.

"Since she was two," Mom replied. "Richard, god, get over it, now. You get to meet your granddaughter, now."

"Granny, he ate all the cookies." Clara pointed at my father.

Dad sighed, "Yep, she is definitely yours, Charlotte."

Clara stuck her tongue out at Dad before taking Mom's had to the kitchen. Dad smiled shaking his head as we followed them to the kitchen. He laid his hand on my back and guided me to the kitchen like I forgot where it was.

"Dad, please. I know where the kitchen is," I said, shrugging off his hand.

I don't really like people touching me especially men. I can barely stand my daughter's sweet touch because of what her father did to me. I can't enjoy my daughter's hugs or kisses on the cheek because it reminds me of what her father did. I can't date or hug male friends because I feel repulsive by myself. My daughter is the only good thing that happened to me from what her father did and because of what her father did. I can't enjoy her touch. I want to enjoy her hugs and kisses.

He shrugged and we continued to walk to the kitchen. Mom had Clara sitting on the counter as she began to look through the cabinets. Clara stared at my father as he wrapped his arms around my mother.

"What do I call you?" Clara asked.

Dad looked over at Clara and he quickly glanced at me. "Grandpa, I guess."

Clara had a smile on her face. "I never had a grandpa before."

Dad chuckled. "You are definitely like your mother."

"Granny, can we go eat at that ice cream place, please," Clara asked.

Mom smiled. "Yes, Clara we will go to the ice cream place."

"Thank you," Clara giggled.

"You are welcome," Mom said. "Let's go. Richard, are you coming?"

"No, baby."

I helped Clara off of the counter and we walked to the front door with my mother following behind. We took my convertible because Mom wanted to see if it was different from her accord.

The restaurant was exactly what I remember it was on the outside. Pink and mint green were on the walls outside. I used to love the colors. Now, it bring back old memories of Carter and my sister dates and I, the third wheel, wishing I was my sister and she was me.


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