Afraid to Dream
written by Lil Hamari

I'm afraid to fall asleep
to let myself dream
of women selling their body
to lustful men
who touch them in dirty ways
as long as they get paid
and I'm one of them
in the streets giving my body
to any men who can pay in cash
letting them touch me
mark me with their foul stench
as I moan in pleasure and guilt
for letting my parents down
and when I'm about to reach my climax
Is when I wake up and realize
that my body is covered in sweat
demanding to finish where it once started
and when I about to continue it
I stop for I felt all so dirty
that I can't bear to look at myself
or even think of continuing the process
of what I was doing on the first place
so I don't sleep instead I say awake
holding my bear close to me
wishing I could never dream again