There once was a girl

So quiet and shy

That no one fought with

She stayed out of everyone way

She gain new friends who depended on her

She had to be strong, only her

Then one day a dark force in disguise

Became her rock and help her live her life.

The girl thought she was in love

How naive she was to this dark force was really good

This dark force wasn't really good he broke her heart and causes her pain

Until the girl could no longer feel pain

How the pitiful girl thought this dark force really loved her

When his intension were only impure

He used the girl until there was nothing left

Only a lifeless shell of what she once was

Can't you see what you have done to her?

Tore her down until there was nothing left.

Now the girl's soul lives in a cold dark place.

Crying and feeling all the pain you have caused her

No longer believing she could go back to what she once was.

Back to being strong and someone rock

Back to smiling and having fun

Back to being innocent and loved.

She betrayed everything for you.

Friends, family, and her own life

But you don't care how mess up you left her

You don't care.

Now the girl's soul has seen the light.

And every day she crawls towards it.

The further she gets the farther it goes

Tasting the sweet freedom yet so far from her grasp

She became stronger thanks to you. Soon she will be able to walk then run

Closer to that warm and beautiful light

Who is this girl, you may want to know.

Well she is me and I am closer now

If you would like to know.