Here's a little something I did out of boredom.

Our Song

Strange things change over time.

Like our relationship for example.

Once we loved each other, now...we hate each other.

You were in tears...your friend had upset you and I happened to be there.

You looked at me...wanting me to comfort you.

Our song...My Immortal by Evanescene came on.

"How appropriate..." I spat.

You mouthed the lyrics to me...I also mouthed them to you.

But I didn't care...I didn't want you back...not any more.

The song smiled at me.

I gave a look of disgust and walked away...

"I'll never want you back..." I said.

You were reduced back down to tears...and for the first a long time, I smiled.

I'm a lot happier without you...stay out of my life.

Not the normal type of love story...thanks for reading.